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Students and prospective students may find the information resources of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) of use in planning for college and careers. SCHEV has created an institutional profile for each Virginia public college and university, and for each independent college or university participating in the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program. Our profile is available at

Chapter 1: Regional Demographics

Table1.1 Population Changes 2010-2014

Table1.2 Median Age

Table1.2A Median Age Chart


Table 1.3 Ethnic Population 2013

Table 1.4 Regional Demographics

Table 1.4A Median Income 2013

Table 1.5 Annual Unemployment Rate 2014

Table 1.6 SW VA Town Graphs 2014

Table 1.7 Four Co Educational Attainment 2013

Table 1.8 Buchanan County Top50 Employers

Table 1.9 Dickenson Co Top 50 Employers

Table 1.10 Russell Co Top 50 Employers

Table 1.11 Tazewell Co Top 50 Employers

Table 1.11A Four County Top 50 Employers

Table 1.12 Annual Wages By Employer Type Buchanan & Dickenson Counties 1998-2012

Table 1.13 Annual Wages By Employer Type Russell & Tazewell Counties 1998-2012

Table 1.14 Annual Wages By Employer Type Cumberland Plateau & Virginia 1998-2012

Table 1.15 Wages in Important Sectors

Table 1.15A Goods-Producing and Service-Providing Data

Table 1.16 Oil /Gas Production

Table 1.17 Annual Employment by Employer Type in Russell & Tazewell 1998-2012

Table 1.18 Annual Employment by Employer Type in Cumberland Plateau & Virginia 1998-2012

Table 1.19 Employment in Major Sectors

Table 1.20 Annual Employment Comparison by Sector 2008-2012

Table 1.21 Poverty Status

Table 1.22 Employment and Educational Attainment

Table 1.23 Buch Co Bus Patterns 1st Q 2013

Table 1.24 Dickenson Co Bus Patterns 1st Q 2013

Table 1.25 Russell Co Bus Patterns 1st Q 2013

Table 1.26 Tazewell County 1st Q 2013

Chapter 2: Education Data

Table 2.1 Buchanan County School Data

Table 2.2 Dickenson County School Data

Table 2. 3Russell County School Data

Table 2.4 Tazewell County School Data

Table 2.5 Counties 14 Buchanan

Table 2.6Counties 14 Dickenson

Table 2.7 Counties 14 Rev Russell

Table 2.8 Counties 14 Rev Tazewell

Table 2.9 Counties 14 Rev Total

Table 2.10 College Choices 6yrs 2014 with chart

Table 2.10A Four County Higher Ed Enrolls 6yrs 2014A with chart

Table 2.11 College Choice Chart (8 years)

Table 2.12 Buchanan County Financial Aid Chart

Table 2.13 Dickenson County Financial Aid Chart

Table 2.14 Russell County Financial Aid Chart

Table 2.15 Tazewell County Financial Aid Chart

Table 2.16 All Student Financial Aid Data

Table 2.17 Participation Rate

Table 2.18 Gender Juris Gender

Table 2.19 Race Juris Chart

Table 2.19A_Gender Race Charts

Table 2.20 FTE HC Since 93-94

Table 2.21 2014 High School Graduates at SWCC Fall 2014

Table 2.21A Charts on High School Graduates at SWCC

Table 2.21B 2014 High School Graduates of SWCC by High School – Major

Table 2.22 Annual FTE & Headcount Report

Table 2.23 FTES by Program

Table 2.24 FTES by Program Type 2006-07 base

Table 2.25 ANN GEN HC 14-15

Table 2.25A Unduplicated Annual HC Graph

Table 2.25B Annual Headcount by Award Graph

Table 2.26 Annual Program Headcount FT-PT

Table 2.26A Summer 2015

Table 2.26B Graph Annual Headcount by Full-Time Part-Time

Table 2.26 C CSC Awards 14-15

Table 2.27 IPEDS DFR 2014

Table 2.28 2014-15 annual

Table 2.29 2014-15 annual Charts

Table 2.30 Awards 15 M-F

Table 2.30A_Awards 15 Graph

Table 2.31 Grads 15 Ethnic Chart

Table 2.31A Grads by Award Type

Table 2.32 Fall 14 On-Campus Distance

Table 2.33 Fall 14 Classes Off

Table 2.34 Fall 14 Delivery Type

Table 2.35 SW Summer

Table 2.36 Fall Spring Retention FT PT Charts 10-11 to 14-15

Table 2.37 Fall Spring Retention Plan Charts 2010-11 to 2014-15

Table 2.38 Fall-Fall Retention FT-PT Charts A 13-14 Reten

Table 2.39 Fall-all Persistence Award A 13-14

Table 2.40 VCCS Dual Enrollment

Table 2.41 VCCS Retenion Rate & Transfer Rate

Chapter 3: Assessment Measures

2008-2009 Assessment Report

2008-2009 Closing the Loop First Year Follow-Up

2008-2009 Closing Loop Second Year 2010-2011

2009-2010 Assessment

2009- 2010 Closing Loop 1st Year

2010-2011 Assessment Report

2011-2013 Assessment Report

2013-2014_Administrative Assessment Report

2014-15 Administrative Assessment Rpt

2014- 2015 Academic Programs Assessment Report

2014-2015 Academic Programs Assessment Rept Appendix II

Academic Unit Assessment Analysis

Administrative Unit Assessment Analysis

Southwest Virginia Community College IE Document

Additional Information:

Additional data may be obtained on the VCCS Institutional Research website.

The State Council on Higher Education in Virginia has data on the colleges and universities in the Commonwealth.

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