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SWCC Congratulates Spring 2013 Graduates




Southwest Virginia Community College provides its website, catalog, handbooks, and any other printed materials or electronic media for your general guidance. The college does not guarantee that the information contained within them, including, but not VCCSlimited to, the contents of any page that resides under the DNS registration of SWCC []  is up-to-date, complete and accurate, and individuals assume any risks associated with relying upon such information without checking other credible sources, such as a student’s academic advisor. In addition, a student’s or prospective student’s reliance upon information contained within these sources, or individual program catalogs or handbooks, when making academic decisions does not constitute, and should not be construed as, a contract with the college. Further, the college reserves the right to make changes to any provision or requirement within these sources, as well as changes to any curriculum or program, whether during a student’s enrollment or otherwise.

Links or references to other materials and websites provided in the above-referenced sources are also for information purposes only and do not constitute the college’s endorsement of products or services referenced.

Revisions to Published Information

Southwest Virginia Community College must reserve the right to make any necessary but previously unannounced revisions, additions, or deletions in services, program offerings, program requirements, course content, scheduled course offerings, instructors, meeting times, and dates and locations as may be required without notice.  Online catalog content supersedes the hard copy catalog of the same academic year(s).

Contact Information

Mailing Address: P.O. Box SVCC, Richlands, VA 24641-1101
Telephone: 276.964.2555 or 276.964.7238
Call toll-free in service region  1.800.822.7822
Fax Admissions at 276.964.7716


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