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Board Members, Administration and Committeesgrad2013





State Board for Community Colleges

Bruce J. Meyer, ChairDorcas Helfant-Browning, Vice Chair
Benita Thompson ByasSasha Gong
Darren ConnerMirta M. Martin
James CuthbertsonDavid Nutter
LaVonne EllisRobin Sullenberger
Idalia P. FernandezMichael E. Thomas
Admiral Robert R. FountainMichael Zajur
Steven T. Gannon

VCCS Chancellor

Dr.Glenn DuBois

President of the College

Dr. J. Mark Estepp

Local Board

Ruby Ratliff Hale, Vice ChairBuchanan County
Robert Craig Horn, TreasurerBuchanan County
Peggy LoweBuchanan County
Judy ComptonDickenson County
Rita Jo BannerRussell County
Harold Lynn KeeneRussell County
Robert E. "Bob" Taylor, ChairRussell County
Tammy AllisonTazewell County
Kathleen PayneTazewell County
Erik RobinsonTazewell County

Curriculum Advisory Committees

Administration of Justice

Steven ClearBuchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties
Ray FosterBuchanan County
James HaleBuchanan County
Bobby HammonsDickenson County
Steven L. DyeRussell County
Mark A. MitchellRussell County
First Sergeant Dave FowlerTazewell County
Brian HieattTazewell County
Stan YoungTazewell County

Administrative Support Technology and Clerical

Lucy JacksonBuchanan County
Edward MatneyBuchanan County
Tamara NeoBuchanan County
Denechia C. Edwards, SupervisorDickenson County
Valerie OsborneDickenson County
Julie HuffmanRussell County
Roseann JonesRussell County
Jean JordonRussell County
Carrie BoggessTazewell County
Patti FullerTazewell County
Patricia PoeTazewell County

Arts and Crafts Production

Allison StreetBuchanan County
Courtney HonakerRussell County
Betty BrainerdTazewell County
Lou GrimmTazewell County
Johnny HagermanTazewell County
Robert LayneTazewell County
Richard SmithTazewell County
Evan SweetserTazewell County

Community Services

Sandra ColeBuchanan County
Patty FletcherBuchanan County
Nancy DickensonRussell County
Rita Jo Hall BannerRussell County
Margaret ShawverTazewell County

Early Childhood Education

Carol BreedingBuchanan County
Brenda ColemanBuchanan County
Robyn BoydTazewell County
Leslie BrooksTazewell County
Darrell EdwardsWise County
Tammy MullinsWise County


Randall HashBland County
Shawn BoydBuchanan County
Brian Keith CordleBuchanan County
Michael HornBuchanan County
Dr. Robert RigginsMercer County
Daniel Bowling, IIIRaleigh County
Debbie WroczynskiRussell County
Gary SergentTazewell County
Christopher R. DavisWise County
Adam GodseyTazewell County
Steven Adam LaneRussell County
Gary SergentTazewell County

EMS Technology

Tina OwensBuchanan County
Ron KendrickDickenson County
Delilah McFaddenRussell County
Kim BrownTazewell County


Todd OwensBuchanan County
Patricia B. Rowe, CPABuchanan County
Linda DelaneyDickenson County
Steve Lane WoodDickenson County
Ron Bostic, OwnerRussell County
Steven L. ShorttRussell County
E. Robert Adams Jr.Tazewell County
Michael Bandy, CPATazewell County
Douglas Hess, CPA PCTazewell County
David Nichols, CPATazewell County

Health Care Technician

Dana CollinsBuchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties
Linda StacyBuchanan County
Becky Davis, RNTazewell County
Brenda C. PorterTazewell County
Patricia Sluss, LPNTazewell County
Linda Smith, RNTazewell County
Sue Yates, RNTazewell County


Curtis OsborneBuchanan County
Mike FletcherRussell County
Sedwyn P. Crockett Jr.Tazewell County
Larry DyeTazewell County
Timothy D. LuskTazewell County
Kim OwensTazewell County
Dallas SparksTazewell County
Stephen StarnesWashington County

Human Services

Christopher L. AustinBuchanan County
Ruth HornBuchanan County
Truman MullinsDickenson County
Rita KeenRussell County
Pam KincaidRussell County
Ron AllisonTazewell County
Regina SayersTazewell County
Doug SheetsTazewell County
Rex TesterTazewell County

Information Systems Technology/GIS

Steve MaxfieldRussell County
Landon McGlothlinRussell County
Aaron LaneTazewell County


Bill CriggerBuchanan County
Gerald KowzanBuchanan County
Richard EdwardsDickenson County
Tony BartonRussell County
Rick ChaflinRussell County
Mark PayneRussell County
Joe RatliffRussell County
Edwin SheltonRussell County
Margie DouglassTazewell County
Barry ReevesTazewell County
Keith SheetsTazewell County
James Spencer, IIITazewell County


Matthew LesterBuchanan County
Jerry LockhartBuchanan County
David GilmerRussell County
Danny BrainardTazewell County
Butch CrewsTazewell County
Nathan HorneTazewell County


Sue CookBuchanan County
Patty Dorton, RNBuchanan County
Christy AbdelmessihRussell County
Brenda CampbellRussell County
Phillip HenleyRussell County
Bobbi G. Carter Neal, RNRussell County
Darlene RifeRussell County
Rita SlempRussell County
William Taylor, RNRussell County
Dana CollinsTazewell County
Becky DavisTazewell County
Kathren Dowdy, RNTazewell County
Ginger KidnerTazewell County
Clint KindellTazewell County
Christine LesterTazewell County
Dolores Mulkey, RNTazewell County
Sharon Musick, RNTazewell County
Connie RatcliffTazewell County
Stephanie QueenTazewell County
Christy RaineyTazewell County
Regina SayersTazewell County
Martha Ann SlateTazewell County
Shanna SmithTazewell County
Christopher StacyTazewell County
Dianne SweetTazewell County

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Greta Browning, COTABuchanan County
Jennifer Lambert, COTA/LMercer County
Crystal Keen, MS-OTR/LRussell County
Billy Carol Keene, COTATazewell County
Andy Powers, OTR/LTazewell County
Jane Hill, COTAWashington County
Alicia Holbrook Miller, OTR/LWashington County
Natasha Hay Viers, MS-OTRWise County

Pharmacy Technician

Jody FullerRussell County
Chuckie PriceRussell County
Ralph DalesTazewell County
Shannon RatliffTazewell County


Brad McGlothlinBuchanan County
Vicki CaldwellTazewell County
Peter WestTazewell County
Vikki WardWashington County

Practical Nursing

Patty Dorton, RN, BSNBuchanan County
Thersa Lee, RN, BSNBuchanan County
Connie Davis, RN, BSNTazewell County
Kathren Dowdy, RN, BSNTazewell County
Ginger Kidner, RNTazewell County
Kathy Mitchell, MSNTazewell County
Patricia Taylor, RNTazewell County
Sue YatesTazewell County

Radiologic Technology

Marty DaleBuchanan County
Kathren DowdyTazewell County
Wayne Keene, RT (R)Russell County
Elizabeth Myers, RT (R)Tazewell County
Patty Vencill, RT (R)Tazewell County
Ernest Coburn, MDWashington County

Administrative Faculty

Dr. J. Mark EsteppPresident
Dr. Barbara FullerVice President of Academic and Student Services
Windell TurnerInterim Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services
Phyllis RobertsVice President of Institutional Advancement
James DyeDean, Division of Business, Engineering & Industrial Technology
Cathy Smith-CoxDean, Division of Health Care Technology, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science and Social Science
Sharon PeeryDean, Community, Workforce & Economic Development
Kathy MitchellDean of Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program
Mary RaglandDean of Student Success
Teresa YearoutCoordinator of Library Services

Academic Support Programs

Patsy G. BussardPublic Relations Coordinator
Dr. Natalie Chambers-RamseyCounselor/Financial Aid
Stephanie DavisDisabilities Service/Project ACCESS Director/Counselor
Margie DouglassProgram Manager, Small Business Development Center
Dr. Amanda Ellis-O'QuinnCoordinator of Student Affairs, Recruitment, & Retention
Susan HagyFoundation Executive Director
Dr. Michael J. HenryStudent Support Services Project Director
Denise MillerVeterans Upward Bound Advisor
Dr. Susie MullinsStudent Support Services Counselor
Diane PhillipsLibrarian
Gwendalyn SloneVeterans Upward Bound Director
Dr. Edmond SmithInstitutional Research Officer
Martha StrouthVeterans Upward Bound Advisor
Mary Margaret ThompsonStudent Support Services Tutorial Coordinator/Counselor


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