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Associate of Applied Science

Engineering Technology
Major: Mining

Length: Two-year Program – Four semestersmining

Purpose: Recent shortages in electrical generation and improvements in burning technology have led to a resurgence of coal production. Expansion of the coal industry has created excellent career opportunities for individuals with technical competence and strong leadership skills. Lean production techniques require managers and supervisors to have a broad-based knowledge of all aspects of a mining operation. The Associate of Applied Science Degree curriculum in Mining Technology is designed to prepare persons for both entry-level technical positions and career growth.

Occupational Objectives:

Operations Manager Civil/Mining Engineer Assistant
Production Supervisor Management Trainee

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements for the college, entry into the Mining Technology curriculum requires proficiency in high school mathematics, English, and science. Students with deficiencies will require Developmental Studies.

Program Requirements: The curriculum in Mining Technology is a two-year program encompassing instruction in the many areas required for competence as a technician in the Mining industry. The core of the program will provide the student with a strong background that will allow adaptation to many of the specialized jobs in the mining and construction industries. The program has specialized mining courses and considerable latitude for approved technical electives that allow the student to select courses of study leading to specialization. Upon completion of the four-semester curriculum, the student will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree with a major in Mining.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111*College Composition I303
DRF 111Technical Drafting I233
MEC 100Introduction to Engineering Technology122
SDV 108College Survival Skills101
Second Semester
ENG 112*College Composition II303
DRF 201Computer Aided Drafting I334
GOL 105Physical Geology334
ITE 115Computer Applications & Concepts303
Third Semester
MIN 228Foreman & Ventilation Training334
CIV 171Surveying I233
MIN 131Mine Electricity I334
MEC 161Basic Fluid Mechanics - Hydraulics/Pneumatics 223
Fourth Semester
SDV 106Prep. for Employment101
MIN 132Mine Electricity II334
BUS 111Principles of Supervision303
GIS 200Geographical Information Systems I324
Elective*Humanities/Fine Arts303

Total Credits for the Mining Major   65

* Students may choose from the following courses: Philosophy, Religion, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, and Foreign Languages.
****Alternatives include MTH103, MTH104, MTH115, MTH116, MTH 151, MTH 152, MTH 163, MTH 164, MTH 173, MTH 174, MTH 271, MTH 272 or division approval. Mathematics requirements may vary. Check with your advisor or transfer institution for the proper mathematics course sequence to be taken.

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