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Adventure Tourism

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Career Studies Certificate

Adventure Tourism

Program code: 221-212-79 

Gainful Employment Informationappalachianmts1

Length: One-year Program – Two semesters

Purpose: Entrepreneurs are the foundation of most industries. The adventure tourism curriculum prepares students to be small business owners in the tourism industry. The difference between these and other small businesses is the focus on outdoor recreation activities, which could range from bed and breakfasts to an outfitter providing guided hiking, biking, kayaking, or climbing trips.

Occupational Objectives:

  • Owner/operator
  • Outfitter
  • Sporting Goods Clerk
  • Tourism industry

Admission Requirements: Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College.

Program Requirements: The adventure tourism program is designed to prepare students to work in or operate a small business in the tourism industry. Course work will include small business management, accounting, payroll, marketing, communications, technology, and outdoor recreation courses related to their discipline of interest. The curriculum will be taught in a contextualized and experiential learning format. To foster a green initiative, the curriculum will be developed around the use of a tablet, digital texts, pdfs, online videos, an online course management system, and other cutting-edge instructional technology.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ITE 115Intro to Computer Apps & Concepts303
MKT 160Marketing for Small Business303
RPK 100Intro to Recreation, Parks & Leisure Studies303
RPK 103Preparation for Wilderness Adventure021
RPK 141Leadership & Supervision223
MKT 170Customer Service202
Second Semester
RPK 102Outdoor Recreation in the Appalachian Ecosystem202
RPK 140Land Use Ethics101
ACC 220Accounting for Small Businesses303
BUS 116Entrepreneurship OR303
BUS 165Small Business Management303
RPK 160Wilderness First Aid222
RPKRPK Elective021
RPK 190 OR 198Internship OR Capstone Course042

Total Minimum Credits for the Career Studies Certificate in Adventure Tourism  29

*RPK – any course with RPK prefix

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