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Commercial Driver Training

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Programs of Study

Career Studies Certificate

Commercial Driver Training

Program code: 221-279-02

Gainful Employment Information

Length: Two Semesters

Occupational Objectives: Self-Employment and/or Employment with Trucking Company

Purpose: The Career Studies Certificate is in response to the non-conventional short-term program of study needs of many adults in our service region for an award which provides for upgrading, re-training, and investigating career possibilities.

Admission Requirements: Applicant must have a valid Driver’s License, provide a Department of Motor Vehicle driving record, and pass a Department of Transportation physical.

Program Requirements: The Career Studies certificate in Commercial Driver Training covers subjects such as state and local laws for the motor carrier
industry, preventive maintenance and inspection procedures, over-the-road and city driving, backing skills, and defensive driving skills. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate and class “A” Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with a Hazardous Materials endorsement.


Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
TRK 101DOT Safety Rules & Regulations202
TRK 102Preventive Main. for Truck Drivers101
TRK 103Tractor Trailer Driving3129
Second Semester
HLT 100First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation303
MIN 288New Miner Surface Training101
SAF 246Hazardous Chemicals, Materials and Waste in the Workplace303
MTH 103Applied Technical Mathematics I303
ENG 100Basic Occupational Communication303

Total Minimum Credits for the Career Studies Certificate in Commercial Driver Training 25

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