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Career Studies Certificate


Program Code 221-160-05

Gainful Employment Information

Length: Two semesters

What is a Paraoptometric: Paraoptometrics are allied health professionals who assist optometrists in providing their highest level of vision care to patients.  Paraoptometrics are allied health personnel who extend the optometrist’s capabilities.

Purpose: The Career Studies Certificate in Paraoptometrics is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to carry out a wide variety of front desk procedures in an optometrist office such as scheduling appointments, recalling patients, accepting payments, etc. They may also be trained in the different styles of eyewear, frame repair and adjusting, office materials, purchasing and other duties of a non-technical nature. Students can build on the certificate to earn more advanced certification in the field of paraoptometrics such as assistant, technician, coding and administrative assessment.

Program Requirements: The Career Studies Certificate in Paraoptometrics requires the student to be a high school graduate or equivalent. Students should be proficient in reading, writing, and English skills.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
HLT 143Medical Terminology I303
OPT 105Anatomy, Physiology & Evidence303
OPT 121Optical Theory I303
SDV 106Preparation for Employment101
ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts303
ENG 101Practical Writing I303
Second Semester
HLT 144Medical Terminology II303
PSY 230Developmental Psychology303
OPT 154Optical Business Management303
OPT 195Topics in Paraoptometrics 303
OPT 196On-Site Training in Optometric Offices051

Total Minimum Credits for CSC in Paraoptometrics    29

CPO Exam Materials
OPT 105 will cover the basic science portion of the CPO exam which is 29% of the exam.
OPT 121 will cover the ophthalmic optics and dispensing portion of the CPO exam which is 18% of the exam.
OPT 154 will cover professional issues of the CPO exam which is 16% of the exam.
OPT 195 will cover clinical principles and procedures of the CPO exam which is 37% of the exam.
OPT 196 will allow the student to train in optometric offices.

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