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Legal Studies Cert

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ddl-3Legal Studies

Program code: 261-01

Gainful Employment Information

Length: One year – Three semesters

Purpose: The Legal Studies Certificate program is designed to prepare individuals with the skills and knowledge of the law and legal issues needed to work in various careers. These careers include legal assistant, paralegal, and other law related professions.

Occupational Objectives: The preparation of pre-service and/or in-service personnel for positions such as legal assistant, paralegal, and other law related professions.

Curriculum Admission Requirements: Students are required to meet the general admission requirements of the College. Entry into the Legal Studies Program requires proficiency in high school English. Students with an English deficiency must successfully complete the appropriate developmental English course (s) before they will be permitted to enroll in any LGL subject.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab Hours Course Credits
First Semester
SDV 108College Survival Skills101
ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts OR303
ElectiveApproved elective*
PSY 120Human Relations303
AST 205Business Communications303
LGL 126Legal Writing303
ElectiveApproved Elective*303
BUS 241Business Law OR303
ElectiveApproved Elective*
Second Semester
LGL 127Legal Research & Writing303
LGL 225Estate Planning & Probate303
LGL 230Legal Transactions303
LGL 117Family Law303
LGL 217Trial Practice & Law Evidence303
LGL 190Coordinated Internship053

Total Minimum Credits for Legal Studies Certificate 37

*Approved Elective List: ACC220 Accounting for Small Business, LGL 110 Introduction to law and the Legal
Assistant, LGL130 Law Office Administration and Accounting, LGL 218 Criminal Law, ADJ 131 Legal Evidence, LGL
125 Legal Research, LGL 230 Legal Transactions, LGL226 Real Estate Abstracting, BUS242 Business Law II, LGL 150
Law and Mediation, ENV227 Environment Law

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