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Content Updates to Catalog / Programs

From September 2016 – Current

Program Edit
NursingNarrative updates
Practical Nursingmoved PNE 108 from 4th to 3rd semester
Electrical Installation CSCRem. MTH 103/add SAF 127 ITE 102
HVAC CSCModified 2nd sem lecture hours
Science Spec. Environmental Science Name change to Geology & Environmental Science
Modified program requirements.
Science Spec. Natural Resource Mgmt.Removed from catalog
Software EngineeringModified lecture/lab hours and modified credits 2nd/rd semester. Total credits unchanged.
Engineering Modified lecture/lab hrs on EGR 115, Elective and PHY 241/242
Early Childhood Ed CertHLT 100 from 3 to 2, total minimum credits required from 31 to 30
EMT - ParamedicName change Intermediate to Paramedic
IT CSCSpecified technical electives/added footnote
HVAC Cert, Carpentry & Elec. Install. CSCRemove ENV 193, Add BLD 122
Music GS AA&SModify elective
Course Catalog Edits and removal of courses
Advanced Manufacturing AASProgram added
Masonry, Plumbing, Construction Management (CSC), Management Insurance Specialization (AAS)Programs removed
Appalachian Studies AA&SProgram Added - Effective Spring 2017
Appalachian Studies CSCProgram Added - Effective Spring 2017
Law Enforcement CertificateModified curriculum to 3 semesters and 40 Total Credits Effective Spring 2017
Administration of Justice AssociatesModified curriculum to 5 semesters and 66 credits Effective Spring 2017
Health Care TechnicianChanged HCT 195 to HCT 190 - HCT 190 added to course file
Information Technology CSCModified curriculum
Management AssociatesModified business elective to free elective
Mechatronics CSCModified curriculum MTH/SAF first semester
Mechatronics CSCModified curriculum ITE/AST first semester
Banking/Financial Services CSCModified curriculum BUS/AST second semester
Customer Care RepresentativeModified curriculum BUS/AST second semester
Software Quality AssuranceModified curriculum BUS/AST first semester
Pharmacy TechChanged HLT 195 to HLT 190 - added to course file
Medical CodingNote added - may substitute HCT 100 for HLT 140
Adventure TourismModified curriculum MKT160 / RPK 265



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