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College Transfer Programs & VCCS Requirementspremed

The rapid growth of population in the United States and the demand for education beyond the high school have resulted in ever-increasing numbers of students seeking admission to colleges and universities throughout the nation. To help meet the needs of these students, community colleges, which offer the first two years of college work, have been established in all sections of the country. Southwest Virginia Community College, one of the community colleges in the Virginia system, is dedicated to the task of assisting students toward their goal of achieving a college education.

During the first two years of college at Southwest, students secure a broad education in the area of English, Humanities, Social Science, Laboratory Science and Mathematics, and Health or Physical Education; in addition, they begin specialized work in their own particular fields of interests. It is the aim of SWCC to provide quality instruction for transfer credit to senior institutions.

Minimum Requirements for
Associate Degrees in the VCCS

Minimum Number of Semester Hour Credits

General Education(1)(2)(3)(4)
Communication (a)6663
Humanities/Fine Arts6663
Foreign Language (Intermediate Level)6000
Social/Behavioral Sciences99(b)93(c)
Natural Sciences7770-3(c)
Personal Development (e)2222
Other Requirements for Associate Degrees:
Major Field Courses and Electives (Columns 1-3)18-2124-2724-2749-53(f)
Career/Technical Courses (Column 4)----
Total for Degree (g) =60-6360-63(h)60-63(h)65-69(h)

Notes: The VCCS Policy Manual, Section 2-IV-C, defines general education within the VCCS. Sections 2.7.3, 3.4.10, and 3.5.1 of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Principles of Accreditation specify general education requirements. Colleges must address all SACS requirements, the SCHEV Core Competencies, and the general education goal areas listed in the VCCS Policy Manual.

(a) Must include at least one course in English composition.

(b) Only 6 semester hours of social/behavioral sciences are required for engineering majors who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate degree engineering program that requires 6 or fewer hours in this category, provided that the ollege/university publishes such requirements in its transfer guide.

(c) While general education courses other than those designed for transfer may be used to meet portions of these requirements, SACS principles require that general education courses be general in nature and must not “…narrowly focused on those skills, techniques, and procedures peculiar to a particular occupation or profession.”

(d) Only 3 semester hours of mathematics are required for the General Studies major.

(e) Personal development includes health, physical education, or recreation courses that promote physical and emotional well being and student development courses. Must include at least one student development course.

(f) AAA/AAS degrees must contain a minimum of 15 semester hours of general education. Students should plan to take at least 30 hours in the major; the remaining hours will be appropriate to the major.

(g) All college-level course prerequisites must be included in the total credits required for each program.. 

(h) Credit range for engineering programs is 60-72 semester hours credits. Credit range for AAA/AAS programs is 65-69, including nursing. For other programs in the Health Technologies, the range is 65-72 semester hour credits.



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