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Career & Employment Services

Career & Employment Services

Services Offered

  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Soft skills necessary to STAY EMPLOYED!
  • Virginia Education Wizard
  • Career/Education Plan


Career ClosetCareer Closet

According to style expert and author Daisy Lewellyn, it only takes 2.2 seconds for executives and managers to judge an applicant’s appearance and their look. Therefore, dressing professionally is vital to landing the job of one’s dreams and making a lasting impression. Now, students and clients of Southwest Virginia Community College (SWCC) and Goodwill Industries will have a chance to make a good first impression at no additional cost.

SWCC’s Center for Community, Workforce and Economic Solutions recently partnered with Goodwill Industries to establish a career closet boutique that will enable students and clients the opportunity to acquire a professional outfit or two that will give them a “polished look” for interviews or initial employment. Designed by Phyllis Miller, Director of Operations at Goodwill, the SWCC/Goodwill Career Closet features gently worn clothing, including, coats, shoes, jewelry, dresses, scarves, gloves, scrubs, ties, shirts, pocketbooks, and suits. The closet will be a valuable resource when planning to attend a networking event, career fair, and school or job interview.

To participate in the career closet, students and clients must first complete an intake and two of the following activities: create an account on the Virginia Workforce Connection website; create or revise a resume or cover letter; complete a mock interview; attend a job readiness workshop; or complete the Virginia Wizard Career Assessment. Individuals will then receive a voucher to shop for free. The closet will be open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is located on SWCC’s campus in Buchanan Hall room 122.

For additional information about the career closet or Goodwill Industries, contact Jackie Kinder at 276.964.7258 or email at For additional information about career services such as resume and cover letter assistance, job seeking skills, and job interviews, contact Samantha Taber at 276.964.7739 or email at

Career Closet Success Story

Christina Rose, SWCC student, and Shearell Couch, Employment Manager, Shopping in the SWCC/Goodwill Career Closet

Christina Rose, SWCC student, and Shearell Couch, Employment Manager, Shopping in the SWCC/Goodwill Career Closet

In November 2013, Southwest Virginia Community College’s Center for Community, Workforce and Economic Solutions partnered with Goodwill Industries to offer students and community members, a polished professional outfit or two at the SWCC/Goodwill Career Closet. The following testimony describes the impact SWCC/Goodwill’s Career Closet is having on lives in our community.

“My name is Christine Rose. I was laid off of my job after 14 years of service. I tried to decide what I would like to do to further educate myself like my mom did. My dad had gotten very sick so I decided to go back to be a nurse to help him as much as I could. My children and family were very supportive. I wasn’t drawing a lot of unemployment to help pay for college so I had to seek help from different places.

Going through the program was very hard. I even lost my dad during this time, but I continued and made it. Nearing the end we had several people show up in class one night volunteering their help for resume, job placement and so on. At the end of the class they gave us vouchers to obtain an interview outfit and an outfit for work. I said to myself ‘I will not use this because they will not have much and probably not anything in my size.’

While at the college one day, I decided to stop in. The lady welcomed me in and asked me if I needed help. I told her I was only looking. I ended up finding an interview outfit first. It was black with orange pin strips and included a jacket, pants and skirt. I also found pink and gray scrubs. Then the lady said. ‘You still have more items. You can get shoes, a coat, scarves, and jewelry.’ I thought I had hit the lottery. Not only did I find a lot of things, but this lady was so encouraging and helpful. I left with a lot of nice things. The shoes I got were shoes I could not afford with me being on unemployment, having bills and two boys. This closet is very special to me. It has given me the boost I needed to complete the final steps toward getting a job. Even though everything was free and I wasn’t paying, the lady made me feel like I mattered to her. I hope God blesses this place so that it can successfully help other men and women like me. I am so thankful to the staff for all their support.”

For additional information about the closet or Goodwill, contact Jackie Kinder at 276.964.7258 or email at For additional information about employment preparation services such as resume and cover letter assistance, job seeking skills, and job interviews, contact Samantha Taber at 276.964.7739 or email at

Adult Career Coaches

As Adult Career Coaches, Amanda Castle and Todd Brown are here to assist you as you further your education and training! Through career exploration activities, they will help you decide the career path that best suits your skills and abilities. Assistance is provided with the enrollment and admission process for the college/s of your choice. Amanda and Todd are also available to help you secure financial aid and grant/scholarship funding to make your educational plans a reality.

Amanda Castle
Adult Career Coach
Telephone: 276.964.7527
Todd Brown
Adult Career Coach/On-Ramp Coordinator
Telephone: 276.964.7341


Employment Manager

Employment Manager, Shearell Couch is here to help you find employment. She can assist you with your job search, registering with the Virginia Employment Commission, formatting your resume, cover letters, thank you letters, interview skills, and even send you job leads. Shearell will work with you individually or in a workshop setting. Assistance is already paid for by the college, and participation is completely optional.


Shearell Couch
Employment Manager
Telephone: 276.964.7240


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Southwest Virginia Community College Center for Community, Workforce & Economic Solutions 724 Community College Road Cedar Bluff, VA 24609

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