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Motorcycle Registration

Driver Training Certifications

Virginia Rider Training Programmotorcycle

 Online registration is NOT available.

Limited to 11 students. To reserve a spot in the motorcycle class, you must complete registration package and submit payment to the following address:

Southwest Virginia Community College
Center for Community, Workforce & Economic Solutions
ATTN: Edna Sizemore
Richlands, VA 24641


Registration Package:

  1. Complete the Class selection sheet
  2. Complete the SWCC Registration Form (EMPLID or SSN, Name, and Signature)
  3. Complete the SWCC Application
  4. Pay tuition one of the following ways:
    • Cash
    • Cashier’s Check (Payable to SWCC)
    • Check (Payable to SWCC)
    • Money Order (Payable to SWCC)
    • Complete Credit Card Information
  5. Complete Add/Drop Form (with name, Emplid, SSN, address, and signature) in case something comes up and you need to drop the course, the form can be submitted for a refund.

Tuition for RVH 130 is $289.00 in-state, $325.00 out-of-state students in a 30 mile radius of any VCCS college, $678.20 out-of-state students.


Classes fill up three to four months in advance.