Welcome to the Office of Grants Development

Our Purpose

The role of the Grants Development Office is to assure Southwest Virginia Community College’s growth, viability, and competitive advantage. IA builds an annual grant development agenda, driven by the college’s strategic priorities, to seek and obtain external funding support that will enhance the work done at the college in:

  • Upgrading current programsdolar
  • Developing new academic programs
  • Attracting new faculty and students
  • Providing new educational opportunities
  • Improving teaching and access to teaching resources
  • Promoting and enhancing diversity
  • Adding and improving resources
  • Supporting community service activities

The Grants Development Office serves as the clearinghouse for all departmental and institutional requests for external funding. Faculty and staff who contact current or prospective fund providers are asked to share information with the advancement office.

If you have an idea for a potential grant opportunity, we strongly encourage you to pursue developing a proposal. Anyone interested in proposing activities supported by external agencies should review their proposal idea with their supervising Dean and/or VP before forwarding the “Grant Concept Pre-Approval” form to the VP of Institutional Advancement. Approval of this form is required prior to preparing a new or continuation grant application to an external agency and should be submitted at least 30-45 days prior to submission deadline.

(Tip: when applying through, give yourself ample time (at least two weeks) to get registered and approved to submit grants.)

Faculty and staff are encouraged to make an appointment with the Vice President of Institutional Advancement if they are seeking sources of external support for their programs or projects.

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