Learning Communities

Gain a support system of your faculty & peers and build life-long friendships through your Learning Community.

Learning Communities are designed to enhance the student’s college experience through increased interaction with a group of students who have similar concerns and interests—as well as to allow for special, value-added opportunities like trips, speakers, films and increased contact with faculty.

Learning Communities allow students to take a cluster of the same classes. Going through the classes as a group or cohort allows students to develop a support system of other students.

Math & Science Learning Community

Students and faculty work collaboratively in this learning community to expand the college experience of science majors, provide field trips to transfer institutions and orient students to their career choice through guest speakers who have graduated from SWCC and gone on to achieve their long term career goals.

If you are interested in learning more, visit the Math & Science Learning Community website for contact and other information.

General Studies

The General Studies learning community was launched in the Fall of 2006.  Each fall semester, a 3-credit General Studies Learning Community flagship class, the Humanities Seminar, is offered  and will satisfy the General Studies Associate degree requirement for taking three credits in a Humanities Elective. The class is a discussion class based on film showings and readings pertaining to the topic selected for each term.

 If you are interested in learning more, contact Ellen Elmes, 276.881.8941, or April Hess in Russell Room 134, x7209 or Gregory Horn in Russell Room 137, x7223.


Engineering Learning Community students have the opportunity to work closely together solving more real world type problems while building connections to one another and engineering professionals. Bringing together the different backgrounds and perspectives of each individual into a problem solving team is what is required in today’s engineering workplace. The cornerstone is the special student orientation class that reinforces the principles of community learning and provide unique opportunities to its members.

If you are interesting in learning more, contact Brian Hale in Davis Hall Room 228,, x7550

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