Events & Speakers 2013-14

September 18th

  • Bobbi Potter
  • Virginia Tech, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

September 23rd

  • Dr. Kaitlin Dodi-Monk
  • Careers in Physical Therapy

October 2nd

  • Kris Witt
  • Careers in Communication Disorders and Speech Therapy

October 14th

  • Dr. Ben Price
  • Careers in Pharmacy

October 28th

  • John Knowles, Clinch Valley Medical
  • Careers in Health Care

November 4th

  • Dr. John Willis
  • Careers in Chiropractic Medicine

November 6th

  • Jessica Arney
  • Careers in Dietetics & Nutrition

November 13th

  • Dr. Anne Yearians, Veterinarian at Crab Orchard Veterinary Services, Inc.
  • Careers in Veterinary Medicine
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