Shared Services

Expand your learning horizon! Distance Learning offers courses available through Shared Services with ELI – NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute.
Are you interested in topics such as Arabic, Russian, Astronomy, Meteorology, Ethics in Management, International Business, Help Desk Support, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, etc.? Well, thanks to a partnership between SWCC and NVCC, you now can take a wider range of courses through our Shared Services agreement with Northern Virginia Community College.

SWCC offers shared distance learning courses through Northern Virginia Community College’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI).

  • Register and pay through MYSouthwest, and receive course credit from SWCC on your transcript.

  • Access the courses through MYSouthwest Blackboard delivery system along with your other classes.

  •  NVCC provides online tutoring ( Smarthinking ), career counseling, student success coaches, 24/7 help desk and virtual student social activities (ELI Student Services link) for enrolled students

  •  Connect with YOUR student liaison at SWCC to gain additional support to ensure success.

Jackie Renae Kinder
Student Liaison

Dellinger Hall room 101
Phone (276) 964-7258

Fall 2014 class schedule is available.
See the full schedule for more information.

Shared Services Fall 2014 Classes

CHI 101 Beginning Chinese I 54574 E05A

FRE 101 Beginning French I 54579 E05A

FRE 201 Intermediate French I 54582 E05A

SPA 101 Beginning Spanish I 54635 E05A

GOL 111 Oceanography I 54589 E05L

NAS 125 Meteorology 54614 E05L

FIN 107 Personal Finance 54578 E05N

ITE 130 Introduction to Internet Services 54596 E05N

MKT 215 Sales and Marketing Management 55146 E05N

MKT 284 Social Media Marketing 54611 E05N

RUS 102 Beginning Russian II 54631 E05N

BUS 265 Ethical Issues in Management 54571 E05W

GER 101 Beginning German I 54583 E05W

GER 201 Intermediate German I 54584 E05W

ITP 220 Java Programming II 30228 E05W

ITE 150 Desktop Database Software 54597 E05W

PHT 101 Photography I 54628 E05W

SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I 54636 E05W

ART 295 Topics in Bob Ross Paint Method 30279 E1

ENG 101 Practical Writing I 29865 E1

HIS 121 United States History I 29571 E1

PSY 120 Human Relations 53755 E1

PSY 231 Life Span Human Development I 29584 E1

ARA 101 Beginning Arabic I 54567 E20A

ITP 132 C++ Programming I 54608 E20W

ITN 171 UNIX I 54602 E20W

ITN 200 Administration of Network Resources 55143 E20W

ITN 208 Protocols and Communications TCP/IP 55144 E20W

ITN 245 Network Troubleshooting 55145 E20W

ITN 260 Network Security Basics 54607 E403

ITN 154 Network Fundamentals, Router Basics, and Configuration (lCND1) – Cisco 54598 E40N

ITN 156 Basic Switching and Routing – Cisco 54599 E40N

TRV 100 Introduction to the Travel Industry 55147 E40W

ITN 155 Switching, Wireless, and WAN Technologies (ICND2) – Cisco 30229 E80N

ITN 157 WAN Technologies – Cisco 30230 E80N

GOL 111 Oceanography I 54592 ES1L

NAS 125 Meteorology 54621 ES1L

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