Shared Services

Expand your learning horizon! Distance Learning offers courses available through Shared Services with ELI – NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute.

Are you interested in topics such as Arabic, Russian, Astronomy, Meteorology, Ethics in Management, International Business, Help Desk Support, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics? Well, thanks to a partnership between SWCC and NVCC, you now can take a wider range of courses through our Shared Services agreement with Northern Virginia Community College.

SWCC offers shared distance learning courses through Northern Virginia Community College’s Extended Learning Institute (ELI).

  • Register and pay through MYSouthwest, and receive course credit from SWCC on your transcript.

  • Access the courses through MYSouthwest Blackboard delivery system along with your other classes.

  •  NVCC provides online tutoring ( Smarthinking ), career counseling, student success coaches, 24/7 help desk and virtual student social activities (ELI Student Services link) for enrolled students

  •  Connect with YOUR student liaison at SWCC to gain additional support to ensure success.

Jackie Renae Kinder
Student Liaison

Dellinger Hall room 101
Phone (276) 964-7258

The spring term class schedule is available.
See the full schedule for more information.

Many of these classes have variable start/end dates. Check the schedule notes for exact dates.

Shared Services Classes for spring term

ARA 102         Beginning Arabic II   65491            E05N

BUS 265         Ethical Issues in Management         65172            E05W

BUS 280         Introduction To International Business     65175            E05W

CHI 101          Beginning Chinese I  65178            E05A

CHI 102          Beginning Chinese II            65186            E05A

CHI 201          Conversational Chinese (Mandarin) I        65493            E05A

CHI 202          Conversational Chinese (Mandarin) II       65495            E05A

CSC 110         Introduction To Computing 65264            E05A

CSC 201         Computer Science I   65496            E05M

ECO 201         Prin. of Economics I – Macroeconomics       65272            E05M

ECO 202         Prin. of Economics II – Microeconomics      65313            E70N

ENG 251         Survey of World Literature I           65315            E05W

ENG 252         Survey of World Literature 11        65317            E05W

FIN 107          Personal Finance       65321            E05N

FIN 108          Principles of Securities Investment            65324            E20W

FRE 101         Beginning French I   65326            E05A

FRE 102         Beginning French II  65327            E05A

FRE 201         Intermediate French I          65328            E05A

FRE 202         Intermediate French II         65329            E05A

GER 102         Beginning German I  65330            E05W

GOL 111         Oceanography I         65331            E05L

GOL 112         Oceanography II       65335            E05L

ITD 210          Web Page Design II  65337            E55N

ITE 130          Introduction to Internet Services    65338            E05N

ITE 150          Desktop Database Software 65339            E05W

ITE 170          Multimedia Software            65340            E70W

ITN 154          Network Fundamentals, Router Basics, and Configuration (lCND1) – Cisco       65341            E40N

ITN 155          Switching, Wireless, and WAN Technologies (ICND2) – Cisco      65362            E55N

ITN 156          Basic Switching and Routing – Cisco            65373            E40N

ITN 157          WAN Technologies – Cisco    65381            E55N

ITN 171          UNIX I 65383            E20W

ITN 260          Network Security Basics       65388            E40N

ITP 220          Java Programming II            65404            E05W

NAS 125         Meteorology   65407            E05L

PLS 135          American National Politics   65409            E05A

RUS 101         Beginning Russian I  65411            E06N

RUS 102         Beginning Russian II 65415            E06N

RUS 201         Intermediate Russian I-II     65497            E05N

RUS 202         Intermediate Russian I-II     65498            E05N

SPA 102         Beginning Spanish II            65417            E06A

SPA 201         Intermediate Spanish I        65419            E40A

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