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Mobile Clinical Simulation Lab

Clinical Simulation Lab

Mobile Center

The mobile simulation center is designed to provide on-site, advanced skills training and certification through the use of high fidelity clinical simulations for local hospitals and EMS agencies. The mobile lab offers a realistic working environment in which nursing, allied health and EMS professions can receive hands-on training in discipline-specific, critical skill sets.

The unit is equipped with functional suction and oxygen equipment, cardiac monitoring  capabilities, and all other necessary equipment and supplies to operate as a functional intensive care or acute care suite. A myriad of high fidelity simulators are available for use in the mobile unit, making on-site training in pre-hospital, pediatrics, med-surg, intensive care and emergency care all possible.

The graphics for the mobile simulation lab are not stock photographs. The individuals represented on thmobile simlabe graphic wrap are healthcare providers from Clinch Valley Medical Center, some of whom are Dr. Jose Perez, Dr. Stefanini, and Shauna Wise, R.N., a VATNP graduate. Also represented are Kelly Hale (side view) and Chad Vandyke (back door). Both Kelly and Chad are veterans.

Given its mobility and functionality in numerous healthcare parameters, the mobile simulation center also has applications for training for mine rescue teams, EMS professionals, first responders and emergency response teams in the correctional field and in law enforcement. The training possibilities for the mobile simulation center are limited only by the imagination.  In the event of a mas casualty event in Southwest Virginia, the mobile simulation center can also serve as a triage and treatment unit.