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About Baby Halbabyhalpage

Newborn Hal is a high-fidelity simulation manikin manufactured by Gaumard. The manikin can be male or female. This manikin is designed to be used in conjunction with Noelle and be her newborn. The manikin can also be used for other simulations. This manikin allows for accurate APGAR scoring. He can be used in PALS and NALS classes. The manikin includes these other features:

AIRWAY: basic and advanced airway management skills including intubation, upper airway sounds

BREATHING: chest rise and fall, ability to measure adequate ventilation, both normal and abnormal breath sounds

CIRCULATION: normal and abnormal heart sounds, ability to evaluate CPR adequacy, blood pressure measurement, cyanosis, umbilical and bilateral brachial pulses, and multiple EKG rhythms to choose from

MOTION: arm movement, seizures

IV ACCESS: IV arm and foot, tibial intraosseous, and umbilical cannulation