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Clinical Simulation Lab

About iStanistan

IStan is a high-fidelity patient simulator manufactured by Medical Education Technology Incorporated and is the latest simulator model with the most advanced simulation features.Stan communicates via live audio, controlled by our simulation specialists; a feature that enables a strong focus on patient communications. Stan’s unique features allow him to be very realistic in a simulated patient environment.

EYES: reactive eyes with automatic and manual, consensual and independent pupillary response and control, blinking eyes, and variable pupil size.

AIRWAY: realistic airway with breakaway teeth, ability to have trims and other difficult airway issues, ability to have different airway resistance, ability to perform needle decompression and ability to insert bilateral chest tubes that will function.

BREATHING: 8 anterior locations to auscultate lung sounds with 7 different lung sounds available and 6 posterior locations. The lungs are designed to allow for simulation of flail chest, variable airway resistance and bilateral chest movement.

CIRCULATORY: has 14 palpable pulses, jugular vein distention, cyanosis, capillary refill, 4 areas to auscultate heart sounds with 9 different heart sounds available, chest compressions, ability to defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace.

Stan’s actual height is 5’10” and weighs 156 pounds; making patient positioning more realistic.

GENITOURINARY: interchangeable genitalia, a catheter can be inserted and variable urine output is available.

TRAUMA: ability to perform cricothyrotomy, articulated mandible, obstructed ear irrigation, oral and nasopharyngeal suctioning, neck articulation with cervical motion monitoring and ability to reduce range of motion, reactive pupils, laryngospasm, difficult airway, bronchial occlusion, tongue edema, tension pneumothorax/ hemothorax, fail chest, convulsions

IV ACCESS: bilateral IV ports, sternal or tibial intraosseous, femoral and jugular IV lines and injection sites

SECRETIONS: has bleeding sites, secretions from eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and diaphoresis as well as can have chest tube drainage and urinary output.