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Clinical Simulation Lab

About Noellenoelledeliver

Noelle is a high-fidelity simulation manikin manufactured by Gaumard. This manikin is very unique in that she can deliver a baby. This simulation manikin gives the opportunity to learn and practice normal delivery and complicated emergency deliveries. It also allows you to learn and practice different assessments that go along with pregnancy and delivery. Some of the features that are included with her are:

AIRWAY: basic and advanced airway management capabilities including intubation
Ability to insert a Foley catheter

BREATHING: chest rise and fall, breath sounds, and ability to control the rate and depth of respiration
Circulation: carotid, radial and brachial pulses, ability to measure blood pressure, normal and abnormal heart sounds, ability to defibrillate, cardiovert and pace, and ability to evaluate CPR accuracy

IV ACCESS: bilateral arms
Injection sites for medication administration

BIRTHING ABILITY: breech birth, Caesarean delivery, external version, Leopold maneuver, normal labor and delivery, placenta delivery, postpartum activity, placenta previa, prolapse of the umbilical cord, shoulder dystocia, vacuum assisted delivery and postpartum hemorrhage.

EYES: Patient has blinking eyes with reactive pupils

  • Patient has seizures
  • Patient can speak and communicate in English and Spanish
  • Maternal monitor with EKG rhythm (multiple rhythms that can be displayed) and vital signs on monitor.
  • Fetal monitor that allows participants to perform fetal monitoring.