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Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia






Fern (Pteridophyte) Taxonomy:

Kingdom Plantae:  Division Tracheophyta: Subdivision Pteridophytina:  Class Polypodiopsida:

Order Osmundales

ThumbnailFamily NameScientific NameCommon NameCounty
OsmundaceaeOsmunda claytoniana L. var. claytonianaInterrupted FernB,D,R,T
OsmundaceaeOsmunda spectabilis Willd.Royal FernB,D,R,T
OsmundaceaeOsmundastrum cinnamomeum (L.) C. Presl var. cinnsmomrumCinnamon FernD,R,T

 Order Polypodiales

ThumbnailFamily NameScientific Name Common NameCounty
DennstaedtiaceaeDennstaedtia punctilobula (Michx.) T. MooreHay-scented FernB,D,R,T
DennstaedtiaceaePteridium aquilinum (L.) KuhnBracken FernB,D,R,T
DryopteridaceaeDryopteris campyloptera (Kunze) ClarksonMountain Wood FernR,T
DryopteridaceaeDryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H.P. FuchsSpinulose Wood Fern, Toothed Wood Fern B,D,R,T
DryopteridaceaeDyropteris goldiana (Hook. ex Goldie) GrayGoldie’s Wood FernB,D,R,T
DryopteridaceaeDryopteris cristata (L.) GrayCrested Wood Fern, Crested FernR,T
DryopteridaceaeDryoperis intermedia (Muhl. ex Willd.) GrayEvergreen Wood Fern, Fancy FernB,D,R,T
DryopteridaceaeDryopteris marginalis (L.) GrayMarginal Wood FernB,D,R,T
DryopteridaceaeDryopteris ×neowherryi W.H. WagnerB
DryopteridaceaePolystichum acrostichoides (Michx.) SchottChristmas FernB,D,R,T
OnocleaceaeOnoclea sensibilis L.Sensitive Fern, Bead FernB,D,R,T
PolypodiaceaePleopeltis polypodioides (L.) Andrews & Windham ssp. michuaxiana (Weatherby)Resurrection Fern, Scaly PolypodyB,D,R,T
PolypodiaceaePolypodium appalachianum Haufler & WindhamAppalachian Rock Polypody, Appalachian Rockcap FernR,T
PolypodiaceaePolypodium virginianum complexRockcap FernB,D,R,T
PteridaceaeAdiantum pedatum L.Northern Maidenhair FernB,D,R,T
PteridaceaeCheilanthes lanosa (Michx.) D.C. Eat.Hairy Lip FernD,R
PteridaceaePellaea atropurpurea (L.) LinkPurple Cliff-brake R,T
PteridaceaePellaea glabella Mett. ex Kuhn ssp. glabella Pteris multifida Poir.Smooth Cliff-brakeR,T
PteridaceaeVittaria appalachian Farrar & Mickel Appalachian Shoestring Fern, Appalachian Gameotophyte D,R
ThelypteridaceaeParathelypteris noveboracensis (L.) ChingNew York FernB,D,R,T
ThelypteridaceaePhegopteris hexagonoptera (Michx.) FeeBroad Beech FernB,D,R,T
ThelypteridaceaeThelypteris palustris Schott var. pubescens (Lawson) Fern.Marsh FernR
WoodsiaceaeAthyrium asplenioides (Michx.) A.A. EatonSouthern Lady FernB,D,R,T
WoodsiaceaeCystopteris bulbifera (L.) Bernh.Bulblet Fern, Bulblet Bladder FernR,T
WoodsiaceaeCystopteris protrusa (Weatherby) BlasdellLowland Bladder Fern, Lowland Brittle FernB,D,R
WoodsiaceaeCystopteris tenuis (Michx.) DesvFragile Fern, Mackay’s Bladder FernD
WoodsiaceaeDeparia acrostichoides (Sw.) M. KatoSilvery SpleenwortB,D,R,T
WoodsiaceaeWoodsia appalachiana T.M.C TaylolrAppalachian Woodsia, Appalachian Cliff Fern, Mountain WoodsiaD
WoodsiaceaeWoodsia obtusa (Spreng.) Torr. ssp. obtusaBlunt-lobed Woodsia, Blunt-lobed Cliff FernB,D,R

Order Polypodiidae

ThumbnailFamily NameScientific NameCommon NameCounty
AspleniaceaeAsplenium bradleyi D.C. EatonBradley’s SpleenwortD
AspleniaceaeAsplenium montanum WilldMountain SpleenwortB,D,R,T
AspleniaceaeAsplenium platyneuron (l.) B.S.PEbony SpleenwortB,D,R,T
AspleniaceaeAsplenium pinnatifidum NuttallLobed Spleenwort, Pinnatifid SpleenwortB,D
AspleniaceaeAsplenium resiliens KunzeBlackstem SpleenwortR
AspleniaceaeAsplenium rhizophyllum L.Walking FernB,D,R,T
AspleniaceaeAsplenium ruta-muraria L.var.cryptolepis (Fern.) WherryAmerican Wall-rueR,T
AspleniaceaeAsplenium trichomanes L.Maidenhair SpleenwortB,D,R,T
AspleniaceaeAsplenium ×kentuckiense T.N. McCoyTrudell’s SpleenwortD

Order Ophioglossaceae Taxonomy:

Kingdom Plantae: Division Tracheophyta: Subdivision Pteridophyta: Class Psilotopsida:

Order Ophioglossaceae

Thumbnail Family NameScientific NameCommon NameCounty
OphioglossaceaeBotrychium matricariifolium (Doll) A. Braun ex KochDaisyleaf Grape Fern, Daisyleaf MoonwortT
OphioglossaceaeBotrychium virginianum (L.) HolubRattlesnake FernB,D,R,T
OphioglossaceaeBotrychium biternatum (Savigny) LyonSouthern Grape FernB,D,R
OphioglossaceaeBotrychium dissectum (Sprengel) LyonCut-leaf Grape Fern, Dissected Grape FernB,D,R,T
OphioglossaceaeBotrychium jenmanii (Underwood) LyonAlabama Grape FernR
OphioglossaceaeBotrychium oneidense (Gilbert) HolubBlunt-lobed Grape FernR


Virginia Botanical Associates. (2014). Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora ( c/o Virginia Botanical Associates, Blacksburg.

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