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Ginkgos and Horsetails

Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia

Ginkgos and Horsetails






Ginkgo Taxonomy:

Kingdom Plantae: Division Tracheophyta: Class Ginkgoopsida: Order Ginkgoales: Family Ginkgoaceae

ThumbnailScientific NameCommon NameCounty
Ginkgo bilobaMaidenhair Tree, GinkgoT


Horsetail Taxanomy:

Kingdom Plantae: Division Tracheophyta: Class Equisetopsida: Order Equisetales: Family Equisetaceae

ThumbnailScientific NameCommon NameCounty
Equisetum arvenseCommon Horsetail, Field HorsetailR, T
Equisetum hyemaleTall Scouring RushT


Virginia Botanical Associates. (2014). Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora ( c/o Virginia Botanical Associates, Blacksburg.

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