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Animalia – Vertebrates; Mammals

Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia



Bat Taxonomy:  Kingdom Animalia;  Phylum Chordata; Subphylum Vertebrata;  Class Mammalia;  Order Chiroptera; Suborder Microchiroptera; Family Vespertilionidae





ThumbnailScientific NameCommon NameCounty
Eptesicus fuscusBig Brown BatB,D,R,T
Lasionycteris noctivagansSilver-Haired BatB,D,T
Lasiurus borealisEastern Red BatB,D,R,T
Lasiurus cinereusHoary BatB,D,R,T
Myotis grisescensGray BatB,R
Myotis leibiiEastern Small-footed BatB,D,T
Myotis lucifugusLittle Brown BatB,D,R,T
Myotis septentrionalisNorthern BatB,D,T
Myotis sodalisIndiana BatB,D,T
Nycticeius humeralisEvening BatT
Pipistrellus subflavus (or Perimyotis subflavus)Eastern Pipistrelle or Tri-colored BatD,R,T
Plecotus townsendii virginianus (or Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus)Virginia Big-eared BatB,T

Sources: Timpone, J., Francl, K. E., Sparks, D., Brack Jr, V., & Beverly, J. (2011). Bats of the Cumberland Plateau and Ridge and Valley Provinces, Virginia. Southeastern Naturalist, 10(3), 515-528.

Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service. (2013). Retrieved from

Mammal Taxonomy:  Kingdom Animalia; Phylum Chordata; Subphylum  Vertebrata; Class Mammalia;

Image ThumbnailOrderFamilyScientific NameCommon NameCounty
ArtiodactylaCervidaeOdocoileus virginianusWhite-tailed deerB,D,R,T
CarnivoraCanidaeCanis latransCoyoteB,D,R,T
CarnivoraCanidaeVulpes vulpes fulvusRed foxB,D,R,T
CarnivoraFelidaeLynx rufus rufusBobcatB,D,R,T
CarnivoraMephitidaeMephitis mephitis mephitisStriped skunkB,D,R,T
CarnivoraMustelidaeLontra canadensis laxatinaNorthern river otterR
CarnivoraMustelidaeMustela frenata noveboracensisLong-tailed weaselB,D,R,T
CarnivoraProcyonidaeProcyon lotor lotorRaccoonB,D,R,T
CarnivoraUrsidaeUrsus americanus americanusBlack bearB,D,R,T
DidelphimorphiaDidelphidaeDidelphis virginiana virginianaVirginia opossumB,D,R,T
LagomorphaLeporidaeSylvilagus floridanusEastern cottontailD,R,T
LagomorphaLeporidaeSylvilagus obscurusAppalachian cottontailD,R,T
RodentiaCastoridaeCastor canadensisBeaverB,D,R,T
RodentiaDipodidaeNapaeozapus insignis roanensisWoodland jumping mouseR,T
RodentiaMuridaeClethrionomys gapperi carolinensisCarolina Gapper's red-backed voleR,T
RodentiaMuridaeClethrionomys gapperi maurusCoastal Gapper's red-backed voleR
RodentiaMuridaeMicrotus pennsylvanicus pennsylvanicusMeadow voleR
RodentiaMuridaeOndatra zibethicus zibethicusCommon muskratR
RodentiaMuridaePeromyscus leucopus noveboracensisNorthern white-footed mouseT
RodentiaMuridaePeromyscus maniculatus nubiterreDeer mouseR,T
RodentiaSciuridaeMarmota monax monaxWoodchuckR,T
RodentiaSciuridaeSciurus carolinensis carolinensisGray squirrelD
RodentiaSciuridaeSciurus carolinensis pennsylvanicusNorthern gray squirrelT
RodentiaSciuridaeSciurus niger vulpinusFox squirrelR,T
RodentiaSciuridaeTamias striatus striatusCommon eastern chipmunkR,T
RodentiaSciuridaeTamiasciurus hudsonicus abieticolaRed squirrelT
SoricomorphaSoricidaeBlarina brevicauda kirtlandiKirtland's short-tailed shrewB,R,T
SoricomorphaSoricidaeSorex cinereus cinereusAshen masked shrewR,T
SoricomorphaSoricidaeSorex dispar disparLong-tailed (rock) shrewR,T
SoricomorphaSoricidaeSorex fumeus fumeusSmoky shrewR,T
SoricomorphaSoricidaeSorex hoyi winnemanaPygmy shrewD
SoricomorphaTalpidaeCondylura cristataStar-nosed moleR
SoricomorphaTalpidaeParascolops breweriHairy-tailed moleR

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