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Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia


Crambidae and Limacodidae Families





Crambid Snout Moths (Family Crambidae)

ThumbnailFamilyScientific Name Common Name County
Family Crambidae Agriphila ruricolellus Lesser vagabond sod webworm R,T
Family Crambidae Agriphila vulgivagella Vagabond crambus mothR,T
Family Crambidae Anania funebrisWhite Spotted Sable MothT
Family Crambidae Blepharomastix ranalis Hollow-spotted Blepharomastix MothT
Family CrambidaeCrambus agitatellusDouble-banded Grass-veneer MothT
Family CrambidaeDiastictis argyralisWhite Spotted Orange MothT
Family Crambidae Diastictis ventralisWhite-spotted Brown MothR, T
Family CrambidaeFissicrambus mutabilisChangeable Grass VeneerR,T
Family Crambidae Fumibotys fumalis Mint root borer moth R,T
Family Crambidae Glaphyria sequistrialis White-roped GlaphyriaT
Family Crambidae Herpetogramma aeglealis Serpentine Webworm MothT
Family Crambidae Hymenia perspectalisSptted Beet Webworm MothT
Family Crambidae Microcrambus elegans Elegant Grass-veneerR,T
Family Crambidae Nomophila nearcticaLucerne MothT
Family Crambidae Palpita magniferalis Splendid PalpitaT
Family Crambidae Pantographa limataLinden-Leafroller MothR,T
Family Crambidae Parapediasia teterrella Bluegrass Webworm MothT
Family Crambidae Polygrammodes flavidalisIronweed Root MothT
Family CrambidaePyrausta acrionalisMint-loving Pyrausta MothT
Family Crambidae Scoparia biplagialis Double-striped Scoparia Moth R,T
Family CrambidaeSitochroa palealisGreenish-Yellow Sitochroa MothT
Family Crambidae Urola nivalis Snowy Urola MothR,T

Limacodid Moths(Family Limacodidae)

ThumbnailFamilyScientific Name Common Name County
Family Limacodidae Acharia stimulea Saddleback Caterpillar MothT
Family LimacodidaeProlimacodes badia Skiff MothT

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