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Prominents (Family Notodontidae)

Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia

Lepidoptera: Moths






ThumbnailFamilyScientific Name Common Name County
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeHeterocampa biundata Wavy-lined HeterocampaR,T
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeHeterocampa guttivittaMaple ProminentT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeHyperaeschra georgicaGeorgian ProminentT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeLochmaeus bilineataDouble-lined ProminentT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeLochmaeus manteo Variable Oakleaf Caterpillar MothT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeMisogada unicolor Drab ProminentT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeNadata gibbosaWhite-dotted ProminentR,T
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeNerice bidentataDouble-toothed ProminentT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeNoctua pronubaEuropean Yellow UnderwingR,T
Prominents: Family NotodontidaePeridea angulosaAngulose ProminentT
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeSchizura ipomoeaeMorning-glory ProminentR,T
Prominents: Family NotodontidaeSchizura leptinoidesBlack-blotched SchizuraT

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