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Whites and Sulphurs – Family Pieridae

Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia

Lepidoptera: Family Pieridae

Whites and Sulphurs

Whites and Sulphurs Photo Gallery





Scientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Anthocharis mideaFalcate Orangetipearly March – mid MayT
Colias eurythemeOrange Sulphurmid February-early DecemberB,D,R,T
Colias philodice Clouded Sulphurlate January-mid DecemberR,T
Euchloe olympiaOlympia Marbleearly April-mid MayR
Phoebis sennaeCloudless Sulphurlate March-early DecemberR,T
Pieris rapaeCabbage Whiteearly June-late OctoberB,R,T
Pieris virginiensisWest Virginia Whitelate March-early JuneR
Ponitia protodiceCheckered White early June-late OctoberR

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