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Early Childhood Infant and Toddler

Early Childhood Infant Toddler

Purpose: The Infant and Toddler Career Studies Certificate is designed to meet the qualification requirements of the Office of Head Start assistants in Early Head Start.

This statewide certificate is intended to align efforts in early childhood education programs aimed at increasing quality in programs serving young children. The certificate is open to all students including Head Start Staff.

Program Requirements:  The Infant and Toddler Career Studies Certificate is open to all students with a high school diploma and proficiency in ready and writing. A background check is required prior to participation in CHO 165.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
SDV 100College Success Skills101
CHD 120Introduction to Early Childhood Education303
CHD 164Working with Infants and Toddlers In an Inclusive Setting223
CHD 165Observation and Participation in Early Childhood Settings143
CHD 166Infant and Toddler Program303
HLT 135Child Health and Nutrition303

Total Minimum Credits for CSC in Early Childhood Infant and Toddler  ...   16

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Education Path

Degree: Career Studies Certificate
Program Code: 221-636-05
Program Length: 1 Semester
Minimum Credits: 16
Distance Learning Option Available

– Program Degree Completion Plan 

Program Advisor
Kimberly Austin
Russell Hall Room 132