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Insurance Accounting AAS

Insurance Associates

Course NumberCourse Title Lecture Hours Lab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ACC 211Principles of Accounting404
ISR 130Principles of Insurance303
ENG 111**College Composition I303
MTH 154Quantitative Reasoning303
SDV 100College Success Skills101
ITE 115Intro to Computer Applications & Concepts303
Second Semester
ACC 212Principles of Accounting II404
ACC 124Payroll Accounting303
Elective***Social Science Elective303
PEDHealth or Physical Education101
ACC 215Computerized Accounting303
Third Semester
ITE 140Spreadsheet Software303
BUS 236Communication in Management303
BUS 200 OR BUS 165Principles of Management OR Small Business Management303
MKT 170Customer Service202
ISR 262Personal Insurance303
Fourth Semester
Elective****Humanities | Fine Arts303
ISR 266Life & Health Insurance303
ISR 260Commercial Insurance303
ACC 290|299Coordinated Internship in Accounting/Supervised Study in Accounting101
AST 244Office Administration II303
PEDHealth or Physical Education101
FIN 215Financial Management303

Program Notes:
*Students may substitute either MTH 163 or 271 for MTH 151.
**Students who do not wish to pursue a Baccalaureate degree in Accounting may substitute ENG 101 for ENG 111.
***Social Science Elective: PSY, PLS, ECO, or SOC.
****Humanities/Fine Arts: Students may choose from the following courses: Philosophy, Religion, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, and Foreign Languages.

Total Minimum Credits for Accounting Specialization: Insurance  ...  62 credits

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Business Path

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) (Accounting Degree Specialization)
Program Code: 203-02
Program Length: 2 year – 4 Semesters
Minimum Credits: 62
Distance Learning Option Available
Program Degree Completion Plan

Program Advisor
Margaret Dye
Russell Hall Room 230

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