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Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree

Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree

Business Administration (DL)
Specialization: -Outdoor Leadership

Specialization: Pre-Teacher Education (DL)

Specialization: Software Engineering

General Studies (DL)
Appalachian Studies
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts (DL)
Psychology (DL)

Geology & Environmental Science
Pre - Medical

The various College Transfer Programs offered at Southwest Virginia Community College are listed here. These programs, leading to the Associate in Arts and Sciences Degree, are merely guides for students. These outlines suggest a sequence in which the various courses may be taken. Students may select their own courses and sequences, but should adhere to the requirements for graduation. Courses are generally scheduled each semester based on the sequence in the suggested guide.

Students planning to transfer should obtain a catalog from the four-year college of their choice in order to determine early in their college careers the entrance and degree requirements of the institution in which their four-year degree will be completed. This recommendation also applies to students who may be interested in a baccalaureate degree in nursing

Review the Virginia Wizard Transfer Planner containing our Transfer Agreements Listing and other Transfer Information Resources.

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