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Education Degree Curriculum


Purpose: The Associate of Arts and Sciences degree program curriculum in Education is designed to transfer to a four-year college or university toward a baccalaureate degree in teacher education.

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the college, entry into the Education program requires the satisfactory completion of the following high school units or equivalents: 4 units of English; 2 units of college preparatory mathematics; 1 unit of laboratory science; and 1 unit of social science. Students with deficiencies will require developmental studies.

Program Requirements: The world of modern education demands that its teachers be knowledgeable both in their teaching field and in general education. Thus, this curriculum requires courses in the arts and humanities, written and oral communication skills, natural sciences, mathematics, history, social sciences, computer sciences, health and physical education, and general psychology usually required in the first two years of a baccalaureate teacher education curriculum. In planning a program and selecting electives, each student is urged to become acquainted with the assigned adviser, and the catalog of the institution to which the student plans to transfer. The VCCS Transfer & Guaranteed Admissions Agreements site provides a full listing of transfer opportunities.

In order to prepare for junior class standing at a senior institution, a student usually must complete a program at the community college which is comparable in length and course content to the first two years at the four-year institution. All courses completed for this degree area must be transferable to the education program at the senior institution the student plans to attend; therefore, SWCC reserves the right to restrict specific or elective courses for use in the Education Major. Upon satisfactory completion of SWCC’s four-semester program, the graduate will be awarded the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree with a major in Education.

Course NumberCourse TItleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111College Composition I303
SDV 101Orientation to Education101
HIS 121U.S. History I303
MTHMathematics (MTH 154 or 161)**303
ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts303
NASNatural Science with Lab**334
Second Semester
ENG 112College Composition II303
HIS 122U.S. History II (or HIS 101 or 102)303
MTHMath (MTH 155 or 162)**303
NASNatural Science with Lab**334
EDU 200Introduction to Teaching303
Third Semester
ENGLiterature (ENG 241, 243)**303
HLT 110Concepts of Per. & Com. Hlt.303
PSY 200Principles of Psychology303
SS*Social Science Elective**303
HUM**Humanities Elective606
Fourth Semester
ENGLiterature (ENG 242, 244)**303
SOC 200Principles to Sociology303
CST 100Principles of Public Speaking303
Social Science Elective**303

Total Minimum Credits for Education Major ... 63

*  All education majors should take PRAXIS I Academic Core Skills for Educators during EDU 200.

** Determine transfer institution's requirements prior to selection of Natural Science courses, Humanities and Social Elective courses. Options are listed below.

Natural Science:  BIO 101-102; CHM 111-112; PHY 201-202; GOL 105-106.

Humanities: ART101-102; MUS 121-122; ENG 241-242; ENG 243-244; REL 230.

Social Science:  PLS 211-212; PSY 231-232; GEO 200.

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Education Path

Degree: Associate of Arts & Sciences (AA&S – Transfer)
Program Code: 624-01
Program Length: 2 year – 4 Semesters
Minimum Credits: 63
Program Degree Completion Plan

Program Advisors

Judy Castle, 276.964.7243, Russell Hall Room 133
Jereial Fletcher, 276.964.7224, Russell Hall Room 129


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