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Teacher Preparation

VCCS Teacher Education Preparation Curriculum

*Note: Students interested in the Early Childhood PK-3, Elementary PK-6, Middle Education 6-8 & Special Education endorsements and transferring to a Virginia college should follow this curriculum.

 Teachers in Virginia: Course Planning Implications

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111College Composition I303
MTHMathematics (MTH 154 or MTH 161)303
HIS 121U.S. History I303
ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts303
SDV 101Orientation to Education101
BIO 101General Biology I434
Second Semester
ENG 112College Composition II303
MTH 155Statistical Reasoning303
HIS 122U.S. History II303
PLS 135American National Politics303
BIO 102General Biology II404
*Take the PRAXIS Academic Core Skills Test for Educators Exam
Third Semester
CST 110Introduction To Speech Communication303
HISHistory of Western Civ. I or II (HIS 101 or 102)303
EDU 200Introduction to Teaching*303
ECOPrinciples of Economics I or II (ECO 201 or ECO 202)303
Health & Wellness202
Fourth Semester
GEO 210People and the Land: An Intro. to Cultural Geography303
HUMHumanities Elective**303
HUMHumanities Elective**303
ENGLiterature Elective**303

Total Minimum Credits for the Pre-Teacher Education Curriculum ...  62

1 Developmental coursework may require additional semesters to complete program.
·“C” in all English Courses       ·Pass Praxis Academic Core Skills Test for Educators    · 2.5 Cumulative GPA

*  All education majors should take PRAXIS I Academic Core Skills for Educators during EDU 200.

** Determine transfer institution's requirements prior to selection of Natural Science courses, Humanities and Social Elective courses. Options are listed below.

Natural Science Electives:  BIO 101-102; CHM 111-112; PHY 201-202; GOL 105-106.

Humanities Electives: ART101-102; MUS 121-122; ENG 241-242; ENG 243-244; REL 230.

Social Science Electives:  PLS 211-212; PSY 231-232; GEO 200.

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Education Path

Degree: Associate of Arts & Sciences (AA&S – Transfer) Education Specialization
Program Code: 624-02
Program Length: 2 year – 4 Semesters
Minimum Credits: 62
Program Degree Completion Plan

Program Advisors

Judy Castle, 276.964.7243, Russell Hall Room 133
Jereial Fletcher, 276.964.7224, Russell Hall Room 129

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