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Geology & Environmental Science

Geology & Environmental Science

Course NumberCourse Title Lecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111College Composition I303
BIO 101General Biology I334
GOL 105Physical Geology334
SDV 101Orientation to Science101
PLS 211U.S. Government303
Second Semester
ENG 112College Composition II303
BIO 102General Biology II334
BIO 270Ecology303
PSY 200General Psychology303
GOL 106Historical Geology334
Third Semester
MTH 271Calculus303
BIO 271Ecological Systems334
HISHistory (101 or 121)303
MTH 157Statistics303
CHM 111General Chemistry I334
Fourth Semester
HUM*Humanities Elective606
SOC 200Sociology303
GOL 225Environmental Geology334
CHM 112General Chemistry II334

Total Credits for the Geology & Environmental Science Major  ...  66

The student who needs MTH 163 will need 69 total credits to include 9 hours of math.
*Humanities Elective: Determine transfer institution's requirements prior to selection; ENG, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Foreign Language, REL, PHI

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Science & Health Technologies Path

Degree: Associate of Arts & Sciences (AA&S – Transfer) (Science Specialization)
Program Code: 881-01
Program Length: 2 year – 4 Semesters
Minimum Credits: 61
Program Degree Completion Plan

Program Advisors

Jason Osborne276.964.7309
Russell Hall Room 223