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Teachers in Virginia: Implications for Course Planning

The College’s education curriculum is designed to aid prospective majors in meeting the general education requirements for certification as a teacher.

I. Applicant must possess a baccalaureate degree with a background of 46 semester hours in general education, including a minimum of

A. Arts & Humanities—9 semester hours
(art, music, philosophy, and foreign language)

B. Written and Oral Communication Skills—6 semester hours
(including but not limited to English grammar and composition)

C. Literature—3 semester hours

D. Mathematics (algebra or calculus equivalent)—6 semester hours

E. History (must include American History)—6 semester hours

F. Social Sciences—6 semester hours

G. Sciences (one course must include laboratory)—6 semester hours

H. Health and Physical Education—3 semester hours
(may include course work designated as health, physical education, wellness, recreation, physical fitness, and related descriptors)

I. Computer Science—1 semester hour

II. Education courses and upper level requirements are pursued at senior colleges or universities.

III. Individuals desiring elementary certification need to choose senior institutions by the end of the first year to make appropriate course selections for the second year.