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Associate of Applied Science

Programs of Study
Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

Technical Programs: 

Technical education programs are designed to serve the students who are planning to enter their chosen vocation at the semi-professional level at the completion of a program of study, or those who plan to use the educational experiences attained to prepare for advancement in the field of present employment.
Programs of study are developed with the assistance of advisory committees representing business and industry and survey information that has enabled the College to identify area manpower needs.

An increasing number of high school graduates who do not plan to enter a four-year college program can continue their education by taking a two-year college-level technical program at SWCC. Broadly defined, technical occupations are those which usually require a high degree of specialized knowledge, a broad understanding of operational procedures, and the ability to supervise the work of others. SWCC prepares students for a number of the basic positions in a particular field, and not for one specific job. Technical programs are not intended for transfer to a four-year college or university. However, increasingly, senior institutions are accepting all or part of a technical program for transfer. Students should consult carefully with the transferring institution regarding technical programs if they wish to gain transfer credit.

The programs of study for students planning to pursue two-year technical programs are listed below.

Business Technology

Engineering Technology

Health Technology

Human Services Technology

Public Service Technology

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