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Early Childhood Development Curriculum

Associate of Applied Science Program of StudyEarly Childhood Development

Human Service Technology Major: Early Childhood Development*

Program Code: 636-03

Length: Two-year Program – Four semesters

Purpose: The Associate of Applied Science Degree is designed to prepare students as paraprofessionals in the field of early childhood development. Successful completion of the program will qualify students for employment in a variety of situations where care and maintenance of young children is the primary objective. The program will expose students to the characteristics, basic skills, and knowledge necessary for early childhood development providers.
*Not designed as a direct transfer program.

Occupational Objectives: Preparation for positions as early childhood development workers in the following settings: Child Care Centers, Day Care Centers, Elementary Schools (Kindergarten, Special Education, Tutoring), Family Day Care Homes, Head Start Programs, Nursery (Pre-kindergarten Schools), Recreational Programs for Preschool Children, Residential Facilities

Admission Requirements: In addition to requirements for general admission to the College, a personal interview with the program head is recommended.

Program Requirements: The program combines a blend of general education courses with specialized courses intended to provide preparation in the areas most directly applicable to the child-care function. Additionally, the Coordinated Internship courses provide an opportunity for individualized practicum in the type of work situation in which the student is particularly interested.

* Not designed as a direct transfer program.

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Course NumberCourse TitleLecture Hours Lab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
SDV 100College Success Skills101
CHD 120Intro. to Early Childhood Education303
CHD 145Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children223
CHD 118Lang. Arts for Young Children223
PSY 231Life Span Human Dev. I303
ENG 111*College Composition I303
Second Semester
CHD 215Models of Early Chld. Educ. Prog.303
CHD 165Obser. & Part. in Early Chld./ Primary Settings163
CHD 146Math, Science, & Social Studies for Children223
ENG 112*College Composition II303
CHD 117Intro. to Reading Methods223
HLT 135Child Health & Nutrition303
Third Semester
MTH 151Mathematics for the Liberal Arts OR303
MTH 120Introduction to Mathematics
CHD 205Guiding the Behavior of Children303
CHD 216Early Childhood Programs, School & Social Change303
HLT 100First Aid & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation202
CST 100Principles of Public Speaking303
Elective***Social/Behav. Science or Free Elective303
Fourth Semester
CHD 265Adv. Observ. & Part. in Early Child./ Primary Settings163
CHD 166Infant & Toddler Programs303
CHD 210Intro. to Exceptional Children303
CHD 270Administration of Childcare Prog.303
ElectiveHumanities/Fine Arts303
CHD 298Seminar and Proj. in Portfolio Dev101

Total Minimum Credits for Early Childhood Development 67

*Students who do not wish to pursue a Baccalaureate degree may substitute ENG 101-102 for ENG 111-112.
**Humanities/Fine Arts Electives: Students may choose from the following courses: Philosophy, Religion, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, and Foreign Languages.
***Recommend ITE 115 as free elective.

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