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Environmental Management

Associate of Applied Science Program of Studyenvironmental management

Engineering Technology
Major: Environmental Management

Program Code: 711-01

Length: Two-year Program – Four-semesters 

Purpose: Concern for environmental protection and awareness is a rapidly increasing field in the United States and abroad. Training in environmental management is in demand due to rising population and associated environmental impacts. As public concern for the environment increases, training must be provided so that state and federal agencies and private industry will have the personnel to meet the public’s demand. The Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Management is designed to prepare persons for either full-time employment in the field or for continued studies at appropriate four year institutions. In addition, future specializations will allow students to tailor the curriculum towards a general, more applied background in environmental technology which includes, but is not limited to, such classes as geology, hydrology, conservation, soil science, and forestry.

Students wishing to major in Environmental Management with an intent to complement their studies at one of the four year institutions that accept AAS degrees will follow a more rigorously oriented program designed to meet the needs of professional positions in high demand.

A few of the career opportunities available for those wishing to complete the AAS degree in Environmental Management are listed below.

Occupational Objectives: Technical Careers,  Professional Careers (AAS, Non-Transfer) (With Complementary Studies)

Environmental Technician, Geotechnician, Reclamation Technician, Soil Conservation Specialist, Conservation Technician, Lab Assistant/Technician, Forest Technician, Forester, Environmental Manager, Environmental Scientist, Geologist, Geotechnical Engineer, Hydrologist, Soil Scientist, Earth Scientist

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements for the College, entry into the Environmental Management curriculum requires completion of courses in biology and chemistry at the high school level.

Program Requirements: The curriculum in Environmental Management is a two-year program encompassing instruction in many areas required for competence as an Environmental Technician/Professional. Approximately one-half of the curriculum will include courses in technically oriented areas, mathematics, physical/natural/environmental science and general education. The basic Environmental Management major, comprising 69 semester hours, will provide the student with a broad background qualifying her or him to perform effectively in several different occupational areas of environmental technology/management.

Students are advised to consult with their faculty advisor and the counseling office in planning their program and selecting electives. Upon completion of the Environmental Management major, the student will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree with a major in Environmental Management.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture Hours Lab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111College Composition I303
MTHMathematics (MTH 163 or MTH 273)303
ENV 121General Environmental Science I334
BUS 100Introduction to Business303
SDV 100College Success Skills101
Second Semester
ENG 112College Composition II303
MTHMathematics (MTH 164 or MTH 274)303
ITE 115Intro. to Computer Apps & Concepts303
GOL 105Physical Geology334
FOR 105Forest & Wildlife Ecology334
Third Semester
HLT/PEDHealth or Physical Education Elective202
BIO 101/CHM 101General Biology I or General Chemistry I334
ENGLiterature Elective303
MTHMathematics (MTH 273 or MTH 275)404
SSE*Social Science Elective303
Fourth Semester
ENV 221Natural Resource Management334
MTH 240Statistics303
FOR 135Wildlife & Fisheries Management303
BIO 102/CHM 102General Biology II or General Chemistry II334
Elective**Humanities/Fine Arts303

Total credits for the Environmental Management Major 67

* Social Science Electives include, PSY, SOC, HIS, ECO, PSL, GEO
** Students may choose from the following courses: Philosophy, Religion, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, and Foreign Languages.

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