Alternative Energy Technology

Associate of Applied Science Program of Study

Engineering Technology
Major: Environmental Management
Specialization: Alternative Energy Technology

Program Code: 711-03

Alternative Energy Technology
Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111College Composition I303
MTHMathematics (MTH 163 or MTH 273)303
ENV 121General Environmental Science I334
BLD 200Sustainable Construction303
SDV 100College Success Skills101
Second Semester
ENG 112College Composition II303
MTHMathematics (MTH 164 or MTH 274)303
ITE 115Intro. to Computer Apps & Concepts303
GOL 105Physical Geology334
ENE 100Conventional & Alternate Energy Apps334
Third Semester
HLT/PEDHealth or Physical Education Elective202
BIO 101/CHM 101General Biology I or General Chemistry I334
ENGLiterature Elective303
MTHMathematics (MTH 273 or MTH 275)404
SSE*Social Science Elective303
Fourth Semester
ENV 221Natural Resource Management334
MTH 240Statistics303
ENV 170Fundamentals of Energy Technology202
BIO 102/CHM 102General Biology II or General Chemistry II334
Elective**Humanities/Fine Arts303

Total credits for the Environmental Management Major
Specialization in Alternative Energy Technology  66

* Social Science Electives include, PSY, SOC, HIS, ECO, PSL, GEO
** Students may choose from the following courses: Philosophy, Religion, Music Appreciation, Art Appreciation, and Foreign Languages.