Information Systems Technology Curriculum

Associate of Applied Science Program of StudyInformation Systems Technology Curriculum

Business Technology Major: Information Systems Technology Curriculum

Program Code: 299-01

DE – All degree requirements may be completed through Distance Learning delivery methods.

Length: Two-year Program – Four semesters

Purpose: To provide the skills, knowledge, and some of the experience required for employment in one or more of the following occupational areas.

Occupational Objectives: Computer Programmer, Database Administrator, Information Systems Manager, Information Systems Occupations, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst

Admission Requirements: In addition to the admission requirements established for the College, entry into the Information Systems Technology program requires proficiency in high school English, keyboarding ability, and two units of high school mathematics: Algebra I and II or Geometry. Deficiencies can be made up through the College’s developmental studies program.

Program Requirements: The curriculum includes technical courses in computer programming, systems analysis and design, network administration, business, general education, E-Commerce and electives. Instruction includes both the theoretical concepts and practical applications required for success in business information systems. The student is required to participate in a capstone project during the sophomore year that allows for the investigation, analysis, design, development and implementation of a systems project. Certification preparation within the program includes various Microsoft and vendor-neutral certifications. The student is urged to consult with their business faculty advisor in planning his/her program. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester program, the graduate will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information System Technology.

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Information Systems Technology Curriculum

Information Systems Technology
Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credts
First Semester
ENG 111**College Composition I303
MTH 151*Math for the Liberal Arts I303
SDV 100College Success Skills101
ITE 115Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts303
ITN 106Microcomputer Operating Systems303
ITN 107Personal Computer Hardware & Software303
Second Semester
ITN 111Server Administration303
ITN 112Network Infrastructure303
ITN 113Active Directory303
ITN 101Intro. to Network Concepts303
MTH 152Math for the Liberal Arts II303
PED/RPK***PED or RPK Elective021
Third Semester
ITP 100Software Design303
ITP 120Java Programming I 303
ITD 110Web Page Design I303
GIS 200Geographical Information Systems I424
ITD 132Structured Query Language303
Fourth Semester
ITP 112Visual Basic .NET I404
ITP 251Systems Analysis and Design303
Elective*****Social Science Elective303
Elective****Humanities/Fine Arts303
ITE 290/298Coordinated Internship/Seminar and Project in IST021
ITP 298Seminar & Project in Capstone303

Total Minimum Credits for Information Systems Technology  65

* Mathematics requirements may vary greatly from one transfer institution to another.
Students wishing to transfer should consult their advisor and/or transfer counselor.
** ENG 101 and ENG 102 can substitute for ENG 111 for those not wishing to transfer the credit.
*** Students wishing to transfer should take HLT 116 (3 credits) instead of two (1 credit) PED classes.
**** Arts & Humanities: PHI101·102; ART101·102; MUS 121-122; ENG 241·242; ENG 243-244; ENG 251-252, ENG 257, ENG
279; REL100, REL200, REL210, REL230, REL246; SPA 101-102, 201-202; FRE 101·102, 201· 202.
***** Social Science: ECO 201·202; HIS 101·102, HIS 121-122, HIS 266, HIS 269, HIS 277; PLS 211-212; PSY 200, PSY 231·
232, PSY 255, PSY 266; SOC 200, SOC 215, SOC 268; GEO 200, GEO 210

Approved Technical Electives: GIS201, ACC211, ITP120, ITP136, ITN113, ITN 111, ITP165, ITD134, ITD136, BUS106, ITE215, ITD112, ITD210, ITN154, ITN155,
ITN156, ITN157 or Division Approval

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