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Advanced Studies in Science

Advanced Studies in Science

Program Purpose: The Advanced Studies in Science program is designed for those individuals interested in pursuing a career in the health professions.
This program will enable students interested in health care professions to acquire advanced preparation for the health care field. Students should consult an academic advisor for any course substitutions to this curriculum.

Course Number Course TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
MTH 163Pre-Calculus I303
Social Science ElectiveElective303
BIO 141Human Anatomy and Physiology I314
Second Semester
BIO 142Human Anatomy and Physiology II314
CHM 260/261Introductory Biochemistry404
BIO 205General Microbiology314

Total Minimum Credits for the Career Studies Certificate in  Advanced Studies in Science .. 28

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Science & Health Technologies Path

Degree: Career Studies Certificate
Program Code: 221-190-01
Program Length: 1 year – 2 Semesters
Minimum Credits: 28

– Program Degree Completion Plan
Visit the Science Department Website.

Program Advisor
Georgia Householder
Russell Hall Room 238