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Program code: 221-989-34

Gainful Employment Information

Length: Two Semesters

Purpose: This Career Studies Certificate in Carpentry is in response to the non-conventional short-term program of study needs of many adults in our service region for an award which provides for upgrading, re-training, and investigating career possibilities.

Occupational Objectives: Training through this program, which may consist of both on-line and classroom work, is designed to prepare the learner with basic knowledge for essential workplace skills needed as a skilled labor in the construction trades. To develop the construction professional following new national craft standards established for the construction industry. Focus will be to present information in a step-by-step fashion, further enhanced through learn-by-doing hands on approach. Skill sets will provide the student learner the opportunity to work with their hands in creative manner demonstrating that carpentry is an essential part of life and human endeavors. Student may cut and shape wood, plastics, tiles, fiberglass and other materials using hand tools and a variety of power tools and equipment. Instructional tenets shall encompass understanding of plans and blueprints, regulator codes, tools and building materials, and mechanical skills related to construction techniques adopted for builders and remodelers of residential and light commercial projects with emphasis on single family units coupled while examining high production builders’ objectives.

Admissions Requirements: Applicant must meet the general admission requirements established by the college..

Program Requirements: The Carpentry CSC is designed to prepare students to enter a noble profession as a skilled laborer for all types of construction trades, as a home remodel technician, or apprentice carpenter working under the supervision of a master builder. Carpenters may build homes by erecting framework, walls, and roofs and installing doors, windows, flooring, and paneling; work in areas of nonresidential construction for school expansions, road improvements, and bridge replacements. Many work with specialized contractors to install hardwood flooring, erect scaffolding, and also include work on major highway projects, office buildings, boats, and manufacturing plants.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
BLD 110Introduction to Construction303
BLD 131Carpentry & Framing I345
SDV 106Preparation for Employment101
SAF 127Industrial Safety202
BLD 147Principles of Block & Bricklaying I223
ITE 102Computers & Information Systems101
Second Semester
BLD 132Carpentry & Framing II345
BLD 135Building Construction Carpentry212
BLD 111Blueprint Reading and the Building Code223
BLD 122Green Building Practices101
BLD 298Capstone in Carpentry303

Total Minimum Credits for the Career Studies Certificate in Carpentry   29

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