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Oracle Specialist

Oracle Specialist

Purpose: A relational database management system Is the core component for an organization's information management system, the most popular of which is Oracle, This program will provide students
with the knowledge and experience to work with an Oracle database. The student will be exposed to the theory and practice of basic databases, SQL and PL/SQL, enabling them to manage enterprise critical

Occupational Objectives: Adds a Skill Set for Existing IT workers

  • Database Administrator
  • SQL Developer
  • Application Developer
  • DBA

Admission Requirements: Admission to the program is governed by the established
admission requirements to the College.

Program Requirements: The student will complete course work in SQL, PL/SQL, and database
administration. The courses will emphasis the Oracle Certified Associate competencies. Students will complete assignments to broaden their understanding of Oracle database administration in a networked environment. Upon satisfactory completion of the one-semester program, the graduate will be awarded a Career Studies Certificate in Oracle Specialist certificate. In addition, they will have been exposed to the competencies for the Oracle Certified Associate in the Database Administrator and PL/SQL Developer certifications paths.

Delivery Modes: Program is available through web-based, traditional or on-site courses.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ITD 130Database Fundamentals303
ITD 132Structured Query Language303
ITD 134PL/SQL Programming303
ITD 136Database Management Software303

Total Minimum Credits for the Career Studies Certificate in Oracle Specialist ... 12

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Engineering & Technology Path

Degree: Career Studies Certificate
Program Code: 221-299-75
Program Length: 1 Semester
Minimum Credits: 12

Program Degree Completion Plan 

Program Advisor
Crystal Dye
Davis Hall Room 229