Career Studies Certificate Programs of Study


Program code: 221-989-80

Gainful Employment Information

Length: Two Semesters

Purpose: Career Studies Certificate for Plumbing is responding to the non-conventional short-term program of study needs for many adults in our service region to yield an award; which provides entry level skills for the beginner, upgrading, re-training, and for investigating career opportunities for craft workers on a typical construction site or facility management group.

Occupational Objectives: Training to introduce trainees to the many career options available in today’s plumbing profession and provide a history of plumbing; discuss the current technology, industries, and associations that make up the modern plumbing profession. Review types and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) along with in hazard communication (HazCom). Trainee shall examine, care and use of the different types of hand and power tools; review basic math concepts; examine plumbing drawings and different types of pipe and fittings including applications of code-approved fixtures and faucets require for code mandated plumbing installations. Program will study functions of water distribution systems and how Drain Waste Vent (DWV) systems remove waste safely. This prepares the student to enter the construction trades as and apprentice trades’ person as a Plumber or entry level pipe-fitter.
Admissions Requirements: Applicant must meet the general admission requirements established by the college..

Program Requirements: The Plumbing CSC is designed to prepare students as an entry level or apprentice Plumber, Pipefitter, Pipe Layer, or Steamfitter.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
BLD 110Introduction to Construction303
BLD 140Principles of Plumbing Trades I303
BLD 141Principles of Plumbing Trades II303
MTH 103Applied Technical Math I303
SDV 106Preparation for Employment101
Second Semester
BLD 111Blueprint Reading and the Building Code223
BLD 143Plumbing and Blueprint Reading303
BLD 142Principles of Plumbing Trades III303
BLD 298Capstone Plumbing303
ENV 193Studies in your Role in the Green Environment101

Total Minimum Credits for the Career Studies Certificate in Plumbing  26

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