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Certificate Programs of Study


Certificate Programs are designed to prepare skilled craftsmen to meet the needs created by technological advancement.

Certificate programs are also designed  to provide related areas of study which equip students with the ability to develop an understanding of the American free enterprise system , and an appreciation for a broader social outlook.

The Certificates are  designed to prepare students for initial employment, retraining for new skills, or for advancement within a given vocation. Most certificate programs at the College are one year in length. However, any one of the certificate curricula may be pursued on a part-time basis with the understanding that it will require more than one year to complete the program.

 Certificate Program Options:

Arts & Crafts ProductionHuman Services Technology
Early Childhood Education (DE)Law Enforcement
General Education (DE)Legal Studies (DE)
Health Sciences Practical Nursing
Heating, Ventilation, and Air ConditioningSubstance Abuse Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Fifteen to twenty (15-20) percent of the credit-hour requirements should include courses in general education, exclusive of specialized courses in the major field, or supporting technical and theory courses in related fields.These courses should be selected from the following:

General Education Requirements

In order that the diploma and certificate curricula will contain a requisite increment of general education to satisfy the policy established by the State Board for Community Colleges and still allow for maximum institutional and individual flexibility, the following guidelines will apply:

Communication Skills, Health, Physical Education or Recreation, Humanities, Laboratory Sciences, Mathematics, Orientation, Social Sciences.

  • In satisfying the above requirement, repetition of a discipline is not encouraged; the maximum number of courses allowable from any discipline should be two.
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