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Arts & Crafts Production

Certificate Programs of StudyArts & Crafts Production

Arts & Crafts Production

Program code: 597-01
Gainful Employment Information
Length: One-year Program – Two semesters
Purpose: The Arts & Crafts Production certificate program is designed to prepare students for careers as practicing craft persons and professional artists. The self-employed craft persons will benefit in the production of crafts by increasing their artistic abilities and developing their business, organization, planning, and communication skills.

Admission Requirements: Students are required to meet the general admission requirements of the College.

Program Requirements: The curriculum for arts and crafts production is designed to provide general education for the student as well as the necessary technical background essential for the success of the students in their chosen crafts field.

Course Number Course TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 101*Practical Writing I303
CRF 101Hand Built Pottery OR143
CRF 110Introduction to Crafts
ART 121Drawing I303
ART 131Fundamentals of Design I303
ART 125Introduction to Painting OR233
CRF 100Survey of Hand Crafts OR
ART 283Computer Graphics I
SDV 100College Success Skills101
Second Semester
PSY 200Prin. of Psychology OR303
SOC 200Principles to Sociology
BUS 165Small Business Management303
ART 287Portfolio and Resume Preparation143
CRF 107Hand Crafted Leather Work143
ART 122Drawing II OR303
CRF 102Wheel Thrown Pottery
ART 132Fundamentals of Design II OR233
ART 231Sculpture I OR
ART 171Airbrush I OR
ART 290Coordinated Internship

Total Minimum Credits for Arts & Crafts Production Certificate 34

*Students who wish to pursue a Baccalaureate degree need to take English 111-112.

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