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Health Sciences Curriculum

Health Sciences Certificate

Purpose: The Health Sciences certificate program is designed for those individuals interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. The program will enable students interested in health care professions to acquire an academic foundation to continue their education in one of the health programs. The program can also be used as a stepping-stone to the Associate of Science degree. Students should consult an academic advisor for any course substitutions to this curriculum.

Occupational Objective: Preparation for entry into the health professions and general health care employment skills.

Admission Requirements: The applicant must meet the general requirements for admission to the College including placement testing in reading, composition, and mathematics.

Course NumberCourse TitleLecture HoursLab HoursCourse Credits
First Semester
ENG 111*College Composition I 1 *303
BIO 141**Human Anatomy & Physiology I334
HLT 143Medical Terminology I303
SDV 100College Success Skills101
PSY 230Developmental Psychology303
Second Semester
ENG 112*College Composition II *303
BIO 142Human Anatomy & Physiology II 2 **334
ITE 115 or ITE119Intro to Computer Applications and Concepts or Information Literacy 3303

Total Minimum Credits for the Health Sciences Certificate ...  30

1 Developmental coursework may require additional semesters to complete program.
2 Students must complete BIO 141 with a "C" or better to enroll in BIO 142.
3 Students in Pre Nursing should take ITE 119; Pre OTA students should take ITE 115. Radiography students can take either.
* Students who do not place in college composition should take the appropriate developmental course.
**Students lacking high school chemistry and or biology should take CHM 05 and BIO 20. Students lacking only one of these courses may start the BIO 141 in second semester upon completion of Chemistry and/or Biology.
***Electives should be chosen with the advice of the prospective program faculty, or from the list below (selection of electives should be made based on program of choice)

Pre-Nursing Students -- BIO 150 AND one course from the following: ART 101; ENG 241, 245; MUS 121; REL 230
Pre-OTA Students -- HLT 144 AND one course from the following: ART 101; ENG 241, 245; MUS 121; REL 230
Pre-Radiography Students -- MTH 154 AND one course from the following: ART 101; ENG 241, 245; MUS 121; REL 230

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Science & Health Technologies Path

Degree: Certificate
Program Code: 190-06
Program Length: 1 year – 2 Semesters
Minimum Credits: 30
Distance Learning Option Available

– Program Degree Completion Plan 

Program Advisor
Neyia Beavers
Russell Hall Room 204