Copying Services

SWCC Library

Printing/Copying/Scanning Services

 Computer Print-Outs

Print-outs from computers in the main section of the library and the computer lab are picked up at the circulation desk.

The library will provide 5(five) free print-out sheets (black, only) from computers per patron, per day.
All print-outs after the 1st 5(five) per day will be $0.10 each print-out. The computer printer does not provide front and back copies. Patrons may provide special paper, such as for resumes, but the charges will still apply. Although some cost is for paper, a majority is for the toner/printing supplies. Patrons pay for printing/copying at the circulation desk.

NOTE: We can only take cash or checks for printing/copying services. If you need to use a check card, there is an ATM machine in Buchanan Hall.


Faculty/staff can print at no costs only if the copies generated are for use in instruction. The above charges will apply if the printouts are for personal (non-instructional) use. If multiple copies for instruction are needed, we ask that you please make one original on the computer printer, then take them to the copier for multiples. You can use your departmental Ricoh copier code there or check with us for a code.

Library Orientation Class

As a special courtesy any printouts generated from computers during library orientation classes as scheduled by instructors will be at no costs to students.

Student Copier

All copies from the student copier will be $0.10 per copy. Front and back print-outs on the copier will be $0.20. You must ask library personnel for assistance as the copier requires a code. Please pay at the circulation desk. The area where the copier resides (to the left of the library entrance) also has counter space for collation, hole punching, cutting, and stapling. A stapler, paper cutter, and hole puncher are provided for patron use at no costs.

Color Printouts and Scanner

The library has a scanner/copier/color printer that does not access the internet or the network. Patrons will need to be prepared to use a flash drive to save scanned documents and also to transport documents to the color printer. We do have a flash drive for patron use at the circulation desk. The drive can be “borrowed” to transport your document(s) between computers in the library (for instance, if you want to include a scanned document in an email), but must be returned after you have used and deleted the document from the drive. Black ink printouts or copies on the color printer are the same as other computer print-outs, but only if the document uses no color. If color is involved the cost increases. Partial color, such as a word document with minimal color illustrations or colored fonts, would be $0.50 per print-out. Full color, such as a full page photograph, would be $1.00 each. You must provide your own photo paper or any special paper, and charges will still apply, as the major cost is for the ink. Any front and back print-outs will double the cost. Please pay at the circulation desk. Use of the scanner is at no charge as long as you are only saving the scanned document to a flash drive and are not printing the document. Please ask for assistance if you are not familiar with the equipment. Someone at the circulation or reference desk would be glad to help you.

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