Lindsey Family Honored with Award for Leadership in Philanthropy

Lindsey Family Honored with Award for Leadership in Philanthropy

College Philanthropists Honored with
2017 Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy

Lindsey Family 2017 Philanthropy Award

The James R. ‘Jim’ Lindsey Family has received the 12th Annual Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy. Pictured (l to r): Susan Lowe, executive director, SWCC Educational Foundation and Development; Mrs. Janet Burrow, Mr. York Lindsey, Dr. Glenn DuBois, Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System; Mrs. Jeanette Lindsey (wife of the late Mr. James R. Lindsey), Mr. Jim Lindsey, Jr., Mrs. JoAnne Hairston, Ms. Julie Lindsey, and Ms. Mary Lawson, SWCC special events coordinator.

Richmond – The James R. ‘Jim’ Lindsey Family has received the 12th Annual Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy. The family was nominated for the award by Southwest Virginia Community College. The award was recently given at a luncheon ceremony at the Country Club of Virginia.

Hosted by the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education, this annual event honors leading philanthropists from each of Virginia’s 23 community colleges as well as the statewide foundation. This year’s class of distinguished philanthropy leaders has contributed a combined total of more than $10 million dollars to Virginia’s Community Colleges.

If ever a family epitomizes philanthropy for the sake of helping people and communities, it is the James ‘Jim’ R. Lindsey family,” said Dr. Mark Estepp, president of Southwest Virginia Community College. He continued, “Working with SWCC since its inception in 1967, the Lindsey family, led by its patriarch, sought to provide the resources needed to make a positive impact on the individual student, their community, and their region. Jim Lindsey was one of the first donors to the SWCC Educational Foundation, when it was founded in 1981. He served as the Co-chair of the Fulfill the Vision campaign, which raised $7.5 million for a much-needed facility at the college. His son, York Lindsey, also served on the Foundation Board, continuing the Lindsey family tradition. He continues to be a trusted advisor in Foundation business matters. In addition, the Lindseys’ have endowed two family scholarships at SWCC, which are awarded annually. They have also provided a life insurance policy through Jim’s estate planning that makes SWCC the beneficiary. Their legacy is etched upon the college’s history, the region, and upon the lives of the students whom they have helped,” said Estepp.

Chancellor Glenn DuBois expressed his gratitude in his address to the crowd. “You are difference-makers. You are opportunity-creators. We thank you, not just for the dollars donated, but for the standard of leadership you represent. Your example motivates and challenges us all to do more to ensure that opportunity is there for those who come next.”

Keynote speaker John O. “Dubby” Wynne, chairman of GO Virginia and Reinvent Hampton Roads, said he was honored to be a part of the event and he emphasized the generous donations he and others have made are having a positive impact on the communities Virginia’s Community Colleges serve. “In many instances, your gifts are the difference between average or good and excellent in student performance,” he observed.

Wynne also issued an appeal to members of the audience to increase their level of support to help train and educate Virginia’s workforce for economic growth.


About the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education:  Working hand in hand with Virginia’s 23 community colleges, the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education seeks to guarantee financial assistance to all students who dream of attending college. The foundation is building an endowment that is already generating interest to provide full scholarships to selected community college students. Donors to the fund are invited to endow a single scholarship in their name and designate it to any of Virginia’s community colleges or regions. For more information, please visit or