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A Journey to a Career in Mechatronics Begins at SWCC

Mechatronics Offers a Variety of ChoicesLaurenJones-600

Lauren Jones is currently enrolled in the Mechatronics program. One reason she chose the program is because she really enjoys working with her hands and fixing things. But, that is just one justification she had for enrolling in this high-tech program. “I learn how things are made, how things work and how they work together.  I like taking machines apart and putting them back together. I like seeing the finished product and thinking, ‘I made this,’” she said.

Jones doesn’t personally think too much about the female to male ratio in engineering.  She says “In my opinion, it’s all about doing what you love. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are happy with what you are doing and you are getting along with your team.   Mechatronics engineers can work all over the map — for software equipment companies, auto manufacturers, aerospace, the auto industry, mining, and government,” said Jones

She says that her duties depend on the particular job and may include the design of intelligent products:  motion control, artificial intelligence, simulation or systems engineering.  Jones believes the engineers who keep up with the latest technology will have the best shot at finding work.  She also says that a large number of studies have shown that men and women have different approaches to solving complex problems. “It is precisely because of the differences between men and women that the engineering profession would benefit from greater participation of women,” she says.

Jones says that women are encouraged by counselors and faculty at SWCC to be bold, be strong, and go after their dreams, even if it’s not the path most traveled.

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