Recreation Area

Recreation Area

The walking trail is located on the acreage at the back of the campus, and is open for use by everyone.

The trail was made possible through grant funds from Dominion Resources. The trail development has been accomplished through the efforts of the Business, Engineering & Industrial Technology and Institutional Advancement divisions with assistance from local boy scouts, the SWCC Student Government Association, SWCC’s Phi Theta Kappa, the Southwest Adventure Team, faculty/staff and community members.

Some of the highlights of the trail are:

• A one-mile loop with an information kiosk located between the pavilion and the baseball field

• A two-mile pink trail

• Thirty interpretative signposts built and installed around the one-mile loop

• A 17-post Orienteering course including a 1 mile and 2.5 mile configuration. The course is a permanent Orienteering course available to college classes, local boy scouts, girl scouts, JROTC groups, venturing crews, school groups and the community. The kiosk will include a map of the course. More information about the Orienteering course can be found on the course page.

• An amphitheater with a stage and benches for the audience

• SWCC’s Phi Theta Kappa has placed 10 Geocaches that will be included in a SWCC Challenge when all of the geocaches have been registered at

• Benches, picnic tables, and trash cans around the trail

Future trail plans include:

• A twelve-station fitness trail

• Completion of a 5k cross-country course

• A disc golf course