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Chemistry – SWCC offers class plus lab online

Chemistry – SWCC Math & Science Department

 Chemistry is fun and versatile!

Chemistry opens up career options. A major in chemistry can all start at SWCC with an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Science. After completion of the two year basic science degree, students transfer to a four year school. 

Students declare a chemistry major their junior year which will be the first year at the four year school. At the four year school students will have a number of different chemistry courses to choose from to continue their studies in chemistry.

At the transfer institution students will be assigned an adviser who will guide them to the course work in chemistry and other courses needed to successfully complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.


Annette Lockhart, Chemistry

Chemistry Professor and Advisor

Annette Lockhart Science advisor – Chemistry


Course formats are varied – hybrid, in class and online

Course Descriptions for Chemistry here

chemistry Why major in Chemistry?

The business of chemistry in the USA directly generates approximately 1 million jobs. Millions more are created and supported by the industries that base their own production off of chemistry products.

In the USA nearly 37 million jobs (or 26% of total U.S. employment) are in industries that depend on chemistry products. Just a few of these include: farming, construction, plastics manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, dry cleaning services, building services, health care, food chemistry, forensics, environmental monitoring equipment and services, etc.  (

chemistry How to get started towards a Science degree

To get started on your degree in Science at SWCC you must be ready to enroll in MTH 163.

The foundation course for your degree is general chemistry (CHM 111 and 112).

To take general chemistry the student must take MTH 163 prior to enrolling in it or enroll in MTH 163 and CHM 111 together.

As a chemistry major you will need to take MTH 173 and MTH 174 for advanced chemistry classes at the transfer institution.

The Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Science curriculum is adaptable to each student’s specific needs. To enroll in these classes math scores and previous math courses taken must be available to the college and your adviser.

Review additional information and practice tests for  the VPT Math placement test.

Make an appointment with your advisor and keep the appointment. Students can contact Professor Lockhart by email (see above). She will make sure you are started on the right track. This is the most important step you can take in getting started.

chemistry Career options in chemistry and associated careers

As you review the list below you will see chemistry provides a huge employment outlet. To find out the what, how and pay of careers listed below use the occupational Bureau of Labor Statistics Outlook Handbook degree

*A teaching certificate with a BS degree is needed for teaching at the elementary school through high school levels.